Thursday, February 29, 2024

Popular off-brand doorbell cameras aren’t safe, report finds
These Cities Aren’t Banning Meat. They Just Want You to Eat More Plants.
Trump asks court to toss sanctions in failed Clinton suit
Trump legal news brief: Judge denies Trump request to delay payment of $454 million judgment
Appellate judge refuses to halt Trump's $454 million fraud penalty while he appeals
Trump cannot line up full bond in New York fraud case, offers to post $100 million
Donald Trump appeals $454 million judgment in New York civil fraud case
Manhattan DA asks judge for a gag order in Trump's hush-money case ahead of next month's trial
Manhattan DA asks judge for a gag order in Trump's hush-money case ahead of next month's trial
Trump legal news brief: Judge Engoron rejects Trump’s request to delay paying $355 million fraud judgment
Trump legal news brief: Judge Engoron rejects Trump’s request to delay paying $355 million fraud judgment
Judge in Trump fraud case denies bid to pause $354 million judgment
Trump lawyer Alina Habba brushes off NY AG threat to seize assets: ‘It will not be successful’
Legal analyst "shocked" after Trump's "angry" lawyers demand judge delay fraud payout
Trump faces some half a billion dollars in legal penalties. How will he pay them?
Trump's New York hush money trial will start March 25
Trump ordered to pay over $355M for fraudulent business practices in New York
Trump's million dollar expert 'lost all credibility,' judge in NY civil fraud trial says
Trump says he won't testify as planned in his civil fraud trial
Trump's gag order reinstated by court in NY civil fraud case
New York judge brings back gag order on Donald Trump in civil fraud trial
New York Appeals Court Reinstates Gag Order On Donald Trump
In tears, ex-Trump exec testifies he gave up company job because he was tired of legal woes
Former Trump Organization controller breaks down in tears at trial
Trump and Aides Immediately Attack Clerk After Gag Order Is Paused
Trump 'made his own bed,' cannot add witness for writer's trial - judge
NY appeals court judge pauses gag order in Trump civil fraud case -court document
"This is an actual incitement": Legal experts alarmed after Trump pushes "citizen's arrest"
NY AG walks out amid "frustrations" that judge let Don Jr. turn testimony into "infomercial"
Rep. Elise Stefanik files ethics complaint against judge in Trump's civil fraud trial
Trump goes on "mostly untrue" Truth Social rant during Ivanka's "potentially damning" testimony
Ivanka Trump testified in former President Donald Trump's civil fraud trial
“My jaw almost dropped”: Expert stunned Ivanka offered “proof” Trump was “robbing Peter to pay Paul”
Ivanka Trump testifies she wasn’t involved in documents central to her father’s civil fraud trial
Ivanka Trump takes the stand in former President Donald Trump's civil fraud trial
Trump legal news brief: Ivanka Trump set to follow father, brothers on the witness stand in financial fraud trial
Former President Donald Trump spars with New York judge in civil fraud trial
The Problems for Trump’s Legal Team Just Got Way Worse
Donald Trump trial live updates: Former president takes witness stand in fraud case
"Doesn't know how to act in front of a judge": Legal experts school Trump lawyer over meltdown
Trump “just yelled at the judge” for several minutes — and has been “screaming insults” at NY AG
Former President Donald Trump takes the stand in New York civil fraud trial
Judge Repeatedly Asks Lawyers to ‘Control’ Trump as Testimony Goes Off the Rails
Trump under oath: Six things to watch for as the former president testifies
Trump and His Lawyers Dare NY Judge to Throw Him in Jail
Eric and Donald Trump Jr. Take the Stand
Trump trial nears end as prosecutors confident he ‘didn’t have the goods’
Trump’s Lawyer May Ask for Mistrial Because of … the Law Clerk?
“Absolutely untrue”: Judge shames Trump lawyer for using Breitbart article to attack clerk in court
“Beat up badly”: Legal experts say trial appearance “went really poorly for Eric Trump”
Eric Trump testifies in New York civil fraud trial. Former President Trump is next
Court denies Ivanka Trump’s bid to pause testimony after she claimed ‘undue hardship’ if made to appear during school week
Furious fraud-trial judge accuses Trump lawyer of misogyny, threatens wider gag order, after law-clerk snipe
“Crazy thing to say to a judge”: Experts stunned after judge explodes at Trump lawyer’s “misogyny”
Trump legal news brief: Eric Trump confronted with evidence that appears to contradict his testimony
Trump lawyer claims "unfair" treatment after judge "snapped" at attorney during cross-examination
Analyst on Don Jr.'s "stunning" testimony: "I cannot overstate how damaging these admissions are"
Don Jr. Tries to Explain Away His Signature on Trump Org Financial Docs
Legal experts: NY AG “set up” Don Jr. on witness stand — and now he could be criminally prosecuted
Trump family to take the witness stand in New York civil fraud trial
Trump Melts Down As Idiot Sons Are Set to Take the Stand
Ex-prosecutor: Trump kids may learn a lesson on perjury "the hard way" on the witness stand
"Whistling past the graveyard": Judge scolds Trump lawyers for pushing "simply incorrect" claim
Legal expert: Trump kids will turn fraud trial testimony into a "political spectacle"
Donald Trump's testimony is set Nov. 6 in civil fraud trial as judge says daughter also must testify
Trump’s New York Fraud Trial Just Got a Very Fun New Witness
Judge rejects Trump's attempt to dodge Ivanka's testimony at fraud trial
Trump melts down on Truth Social after judge says his denial "rings hollow and untrue"
Trump takes the stand and is fined $10,000 for violating a gag order in fraud case
Trump's former fixer Michael Cohen to testify against him in New York
Judge to Donald Trump: STFU or Go to Jail
Trump legal news brief: Trump withheld documents about his N.Y. penthouse, prosecutors claim
Trump Is About to Be Ripped to Shreds by NYC Bank Fraud Trial Judge
At Donald Trump's civil trial, scrutiny shifts to son Eric's 'lofty ideas' for valuing a property
Trump trial tantrum: "No!" a Trump lawyer sniped after an AG lawyer demanded, "Be more respectful!"
Judge Engoron rebukes Trump lawyers after prosecutors accuse them of "witness intimidation"
Trump's frustration builds at New York trial as lawyer asks witness if he lied
Court employee arrested for approaching Donald Trump during civil trial
‘Screaming’ Court Staffer Arrested, Trump Told to Simmer Down in Dramatic NY Trial
After perjury allegation, legal analyst warns Allen Weisselberg risks having his probation "revoked"
'Mr. Trump may lie, but numbers don't lie': NYAG not intimidated by Trump bluster
Donald Trump Shares Link Revealing Letitia James' Address While Raging Against Her
Trump returns to his civil fraud trial, hears an employee and an appraiser testify against him
Trump’s Lawyers Argue You Can’t Take His Property Values Seriously
Gagged but still hollering, Donald Trump returns to his NY fraud trial and calls AG Letitia James a lunatic
Trump may have violated gag order by sharing AG Letitia James' address on Truth Social
Donald Trump told to keep volume down after getting animated at New York civil fraud trial
"Built his empire on lies": Trump Org appraiser calls out "inaccurate" statements as Trump watches
How Trump’s Team Twisted His Bank Fraud Trial Into a Farce
Trump legal news brief: Weisselberg testifies Trump’s penthouse apartment is much smaller than what he reported on financial statements
Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial resumes with ex-CFO Allen Weisselberg on the witness stand
Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial resumes with ex-CFO Allen Weisselberg on the witness stand
Team Trump Is Using ‘Fyre Festival Strategies’ in NY Fraud Case
New York appeals court halts the process of breaking up Trump’s businesses but rejects halting the trial
Trump lawyers file to block dissolution of companies — argue judge "does not comprehend" own ruling
Trump attacks backfire: Experts say NY gag order may "embolden" other judges to be "more aggressive"
Donald “Never Surrender” Trump Surrenders Two Major Lawsuits in 24 Hours
Trump legal news brief: Trump appeals Judge Engoron's ruling on inflated assets
"He's going to violate the gag order": Trump rages on Truth Social hours after judge's warning
Judge issues gag order on Trump in business fraud case
Trump Finally Brings His Online Rage to the Courtroom
Blabbering Donald Trump Essentially Admits to Fraud in New York Trial
Judge brutally debunks Trump's claim that he threw out most of the NY fraud case against him
As Trump returns to court, judge in his fraud trial clarifies comments ex-president took as a win
The unsung hero behind Donald Trump’s crushing fraud case: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Judge told lawyers to "keep the volume down" after Alina Habba "practically yelled" at him: reporter
Legal experts: Trump's unhinged attack on judge in court shows he "realizes he's going to lose"
"Extensive financial wrongdoing": Expert predicts ex-Trump officials' testimony will be "explosive"
Trump: It’s Like I Wake Up in the Morning Wondering, ‘Will They Arrest Me Today?’
The New York trial accusing Trump of lying about his wealth opens as he denounces it as a 'scam'
Legal expert warns judge “increasingly frustrated” with Trump as he rages on Truth Social at 1 am
“Mind-blowing”: Legal experts warn that lawyer’s incredible “screw-up” is “very ominous” for Trump
A Pissed Off Trump Shows Up for His Bank Fraud Trial
Donald Trump's business fraud trial gets underway in New York
Former White House lawyer: Trump has ‘no defenses’ in New York fraud case
Trump's N.Y. business empire is 'greatly at risk' from judge's fraud ruling
Court rejects Donald Trump’s bid to delay trial in wake of fraud ruling that threatens his business /
A judge says Trump is liable for fraud in New York civil lawsuit
Judge rules Donald Trump defrauded banks, insurers while building real estate empire
Trump’s New York Fraud Trial in Limbo After His Legal Gambit Works
The writer who won a sex abuse and defamation lawsuit against Trump scores another victory
N.Y. Attorney General Letitia James asks court to sanction Trump, his eldest sons and attorneys
Trump found liable for defamation in writer Carroll's second lawsuit
A judge tossed out Trump's countersuit to E. Jean Carroll. What does this mean?
'The worst situation I've ever seen': Aid workers reveal conditions of those living in Gaza
Gaza's death toll now exceeds 30,000. Here's why it's an incomplete count
The Palestinian Authority is promising change. Many Palestinians say it's not enough
North Korean factories making arms for Russia are ‘operating at full capacity,’ South Korea says
Putin warns West of nuclear war risk
Seeking to Unsettle Russia, Macron Provokes Allies
Kremlin warns of conflict with NATO if alliance troops fight in Ukraine
Ex-CIA Russia chief: Putin proving doubters wrong on Ukraine
Poland warns US House speaker: you're to blame if Russia advances in Ukraine
Biden announces more than 500 sanctions against Russia over Navalny's death and its 2-year war in Ukraine
As Putin Threatens, Despair and Hedging in Europe
Biden announces over 500 new sanctions for Russia's war in Ukraine and Navalny death
US imposes 'crushing' sanctions on Russia 2 years after Ukraine invasion
US targets Russia with hundreds of sanctions over Ukraine war, Navalny death
Putin takes a flight in nuclear-capable bomber in a tough message to the West ahead of election
Russian diplomat says country will respond to expected US sanctions by growing economy
Blockbuster California storm to deliver crushing blow of 10 feet of snow and blizzard conditions
Rare blizzard warning for Mammoth, Tahoe: 'Not the time to gamble with ... your family's lives'
Vanishing ice and snow: record warm winter wreaks havoc across US midwest
From Mammoth to Tahoe, powerful blizzard could sock Sierra with up to 12 feet of snow
Cross-country storm to slam Midwest with severe weather before reaching Northeast
Why extreme rain pouring into Southwest US hasn't fully eliminated the region's megadrought
Damaging Storm Starts To Finally Leave Southern California As Repairs Get Underway
See it: Atmospheric river triggers California landslides, high-water rescues
Rain Continues To Soak Southern California, With Severe Weather Expected Tuesday Night
Intense bursts of rain threaten flooding and landslides in Los Angeles as storm hands California its final soaking
Wet winter storm hits California, closing regional airport and trapping people in swollen rivers
Dual storms to renew flooding, landslide risk across California
Record rain saturates SoCal landscape, heightening fears of more landslides
Dana Point Landslide Leaves Mansion Precariously Perched On Cliff’s Edge
A rapidly moving winter storm disrupts travel and closes schools in the Northeast
New York City and Northeast metros brace for disruptive heavy snow from potent nor’easter
Climate change turns an idyllic California community into a 'perilous paradise'
A nor'easter is coming for the Northeast, from Pennsylvania to Maine
Quick but intense nor’easter could deliver New York City’s biggest snow in more than 2 years
'Super' El Niño is here. What does this mean for our weather? And what happens next?
Pre-Valentine's Day snowstorm possible as weather pattern flips in northeastern US
LA County captured enough rainfall this week to provide water to 65,600 residents for a year
Dangers Of Landslides Remain After Record-Breaking Storms Leave The Southland Saturated
Deadly storm in Southern California triggers hundreds of mudslides and floods roads
‘Euphoria’ star Hunter Schafer arrested in NYC at a protest in support of Palestinians in Gaza
Healthcare providers hit by frozen payments in ransomware outage
Hospitals in at least 4 states diverting patients from emergency rooms after ransomware attack
Texts Show Witness Readily Helped Build a Case to Disqualify Trump Prosecutors
Trump investigator offers cellphone data casting doubt on Fani Willis relationship timeline
Trump Team Releases Eyebrow-Raising Phone Data in Fani Willis Case
A defiant Fani Willis rebukes misconduct allegations in Trump election case
Atlanta DA admits to a relationship with Trump case prosecutor but defends her actions
Willis filing confirms relationship with lawyer on Trump case, denies conflict
Fani Willis and prosecutor subpoenaed to testify about relationship allegations
Judge sets hearing for misconduct claims against prosecutor leading Ga. Trump case
Proposal to fund Oregon summer school moves forward, with 40% less money
Oregon ranks last on student math and reading progress in study of 30 states
Portland Public Schools announces $30M in budget cuts
US issues Mexico 'increased caution' warning for spring break travelers
A story of Jewish Shanghai, told through music
Here's a big reason why people may be gloomy about the economy: the cost of money
Inflation: Cost of eating out continues to rise, a potential hit to restaurant chains
Optimism about the U.S. economy sends stocks to a new record
Why Are Americans Wary While the Economy Is Healthy? Look at Nevada.
The U.S. created an extraordinary number of jobs in January. Here's a deeper look
How local government is propping up the U.S. labor market
The Federal Reserve holds interest rates steady but signals rate cuts may be coming
Many experts feared a recession. Instead, the economy has continued to soar
U.S. unemployment has been under 4% for the longest streak since the Vietnam War
Slowing inflation suggests that Biden's policies are helping, but American voters are still hurting
As car insurance continues to rise, U.S. inflation ticks up in December
The 'physics' behind potential interest rate cuts
How genetically modified pigs could end the shortage of organs for transplants
Cook County judge kicks Trump off Illinois ballot — but puts her own order on hold
Supreme Court to hear arguments in Trump immunity case in April
"There is no way": Ex-Mueller prosecutor warns new Trump filing will backfire in an "enormous way"
"A doomsday scenario": Former DOJ prosecutor warns Trump could profit from classified docs trial
"Ice her": Trump plots to use Cannon to make it "impossible" for Chutkan to hold pre-election trial
Ex-Mueller prosecutor thinks Judge Cannon set a “blocker” to limit when other cases can go to trial
"Unreasonable hurdles": Legal experts say Jack Smith could seek Judge Cannon's removal
Legal expert warns delay by Judge Cannon could badly backfire on Trump
Trump appeals immunity ruling to the Supreme Court
Trump legal news brief: Supreme Court gives Jack Smith 1 week to respond to Trump's request to further delay immunity decision
“Unusual and irresponsible”: Expert says Judge Cannon seems to be “willfully aiding” Trump strategy
Ex-prosecutor: Court may “politely recuse” Judge Cannon after Jack Smith calls out “clear error”
Prosecutors Seek to Protect Witnesses in Trump Classified Documents Case
Rudy Giuliani Makes Big Confession About Trump Campaign In Bankruptcy Court
The Memo: Former Trump White House lawyer predicts crushing defeat at Supreme Court
“Awful and unethical”: Legal experts say Judge Cannon could face removal for “disturbing” order
Forceful Opinion Repudiates Claim That Trump Can’t Be Charged in Election Case
“There is nothing left”: Experts say ruling “dismantled” Trump argument so bad SCOTUS won’t touch it
"Puts him in a box": Experts say immunity ruling may have doomed Trump's Supreme Court appeal
Trump legal news brief: Even in unanimous appeals court defeat, Trump succeeds in delaying election interference trial
Judges Torch Trump Immunity Claim: ‘He Is Answerable in Court for His Conduct’
Federal appeals court rules Trump doesn't have broad immunity from prosecution
Trump is not immune from prosecution in his 2020 election interference case, US appeals court says
“Bizarre”: Legal experts warn Trump’s Supreme Court argument is a “massive tactical blunder”
Legal scholar: New Jack Smith filing exposes Trump's "frivolous" defense
"Inaccurate and distorted": New Jack Smith filing blows up Trump's false Mar-a-Lago narrative
Donald Trump's federal trial on election interference drops off court schedule, raising questions about other cases
Ex-Trump adviser Peter Navarro sentenced to 4 months for contempt of Congress
Lawmakers call for IRS scrutiny of Trump-backed nonprofit that aids Jan. 6 rioters
Relatives in Lebanon mourn victims of Israeli strikes, including a 5-year-old girl
A look at the arsenals of Israel and Lebanon's Hezbollah militia as cross-border strikes escalate
Strikes along Israel's border with Lebanon are again fueling fears of a widening war
Israel launches airstrikes in Lebanon as tension with Hezbollah soars
Biden and Trump are both at the border today, staking out ground on a key 2024 issue
Congressional leaders reach a deal to avoid a government shutdown
Deal reached to avoid partial government shutdown Friday
The ridiculous logic blocking vital funding for Ukraine
Letters to the Editor: House Republicans' indefensible reasons for holding up Ukraine aid
Biden could be the first president to deliver a State of the Union address during a shutdown
Biden officials weigh giving Ukraine weapons without replacing U.S. stocks right away
US House reconvenes with Ukraine aid at stake and shutdown looming
Schumer describes "intense" White House meeting on Ukraine aid
House Speaker Mike Johnson faces a defining dilemma on Ukraine
GOP Leaders Optimistic on Spending Deal After Meeting With Biden
Congressional leaders hope to avoid a shutdown. But Ukraine aid is still unclear
Biden, Congress' leaders have 'intense meeting' on Ukraine aid, government funding
There are four days until a partial government shutdown, and lawmakers have yet to reach a deal to avert it
'Chaotic' US Congress faces whirlwind of shutdown, impeachment, border fights
Mayorkas defends his record on the southern border and slams House Republicans after historic impeachment
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas impeached by House Republicans
Older U.S. adults should get another COVID-19 shot, health officials recommend
The CDC may roll back its 5-day COVID isolation guidelines. Here’s why.
The CDC may be reconsidering its COVID isolation guidance
Latinos fight a small COVID booster rate — and big misinformation
In a milestone, California says those with COVID-19 can leave home sooner — but there's a catch
Ghana's parliament passes anti-LGBTQ+ bill that could imprison people for years
Greece legalizes same-sex marriage despite church opposition
In Greece, same-sex couples await a landmark parliamentary vote on marriage equality
For LGBT asylum-seekers, coming to the U.S. is hardly the end of a harrowing journey
Catholic Church works to explain what same-sex blessings are and are not
The pope wants surrogacy banned. Here's why one advocate says that's misguided
Pope in major policy address calls for universal ban on surrogacy, says it exploits mother and child
ExxonMobil is suing investors who want faster climate action
Oklahoma students walk out after trans student’s death to protest bullying policies
Vigils held nationwide for nonbinary Oklahoma teen who died following school fight
What does 'gender-expansive' mean? Oklahoma teen's death puts identity in spotlight.
How the death of a nonbinary Oklahoma teenager has renewed scrutiny on anti-trans policies
Owasso awaits answers in death of nonbinary student as officials warn of misinformation
Oklahoma death of nonbinary student Nex Benedict after in-school fight prompts calls for answers
20-year-old sacrifices future for hate, gets 18 years for firebombing Ohio church over drag shows
Texas Supreme Court hears challenge to gender-affirming care ban
Ohio bans trans kids in sports and gender-affirming care for minors as Senate overrides veto
Family Dollar is fined over $40 million due to a rodent infestation in its warehouse
'Message has been received': Biden's campaign reacts to 'uncommitted' votes
Anti-Biden 'uncommitted' voters set to win 2 delegates in Michigan primary, boosting protest
Many in Michigan don't know how — or whether — they'll vote in the general election
The push to vote 'uncommitted' to Biden in Michigan exceeds goal
On primary day, young Michigan voters are leading call to be 'uncommitted' to Biden
Why are people voting 'uncommitted' over Biden in Michigan's primary?
What could Biden's Israel-Gaza stand mean for his campaign? Michigan is an early test
Arab Americans in Michigan see primary ballots as a tool for building political power
Biden ally meets Arab American leaders in Michigan and tries to lower tensions over Israel-Hamas war
A grieving Palestinian, an Irish artist and the mural that brought them together
Rashida Tlaib urges Michigan Democrats to vote ‘uncommitted’ during primary in protest against Biden
MIT suspends student group that protested against Israel's military campaign in Gaza
'Mistakes and missteps': Biden advisers apologize to Arab Americans over Gaza war response
The Transportation Department proposes new rules for how airlines handle wheelchairs
The human cost of climate-related disasters is acutely undercounted, new study says
Dog days of February: More summertime weather forecast across US
How record February heat is priming the US for crop-wrecking ‘whiplash’
Wildfires are killing California's ancient giants. Can seedlings save the species?
Debt, missed classes and anxiety: How climate-driven disasters hurt college students
Have you been financially impacted by a weather disaster? Tell us about it
財政預算案 2024|港府未來五年擬發債 6200 億 學者倡定發債上限|Yahoo
財政預算案 2024|「吹風」Fact Check 每月煙花變「煙火」 傳急症室加價、政黨倡籃球博彩稅無影|Yahoo
財政預算案 2024|兩餸飯店的民情 打工仔:交稅燒煙花落海 綜援戶:半糧可買多個高級餸|Yahoo
港人北上深圳食團年飯 11人逾10個菜花1400人民幣
23 條立法|陳文敏等人交意見書 批國家安全定義空泛 定罪門檻太低 忽視人權自由|Yahoo
23 條立法|政府:公眾諮詢期收逾 1.3 萬份意見 98.6% 支持 逾 10 份反對來自「境外反華組織或潛逃外國的人」
23 條立法|叛國知情不報亦違法 大律師公會 03 年反對今轉軚:外國有相關罪行|Yahoo
Over 30 YouTube links related to 2019 protest song should be declared illegal, Hong Kong gov’t lawyers argue
Palestinian deaths in Gaza pass 30,000 as witnesses say Israeli forces fire on crowd waiting for aid
One quarter of Gaza's people one step away from famine, UN says
US pushes for UN to support temporary Gaza ceasefire, oppose Rafah assault
How much humanitarian aid is getting into Gaza? The exact answer can be hard to know
Israeli strikes deepen panic in Rafah as UN aid chief warns a ground offensive could result in ‘slaughter’
Israel says it discovered tunnels under U.N. agency's Gaza headquarters
USAID administrator weighs in on Israel's allegations about UNRWA
UN agency for Palestinian refugees warns it may have to halt all operations by end of month
Sanders calls on U.S. to restore funding to UN agency linked to Hamas attacks
Palestinians in Lebanon protest halt in funding to UN agency
Document spells out allegations against 12 UN employees Israel says participated in Hamas attack
What to know about UNRWA and allegations its workers took part in Oct. 7
Palestinians in Gaza see UNRWA funding cuts as 'death sentence'
The U.N. chief calls for continued Palestinian aid after some countries halted funding
Document spells out allegations against 12 UN employees Israel says participated in Hamas attack
U.N. agency in Gaza fires employees over alleged involvement in Oct. 7 attack
4 habits of highly effective communicators
Ultraprocessed foods linked to heart disease, diabetes, mental disorders and early death, study finds
Texas Panhandle wildfires: Smokehouse Creek Fire has burned more than 1 million acres, making it the largest in state history
Texas Panhandle battles multiple wildfires: The latest on emergency evacuations, power outages and more
'Devastating' Texas wildfires spark disaster declaration, nuclear plant partial evacuation
One of the largest wildfires in Texas history still burning in the Texas Panhandle
More than 100 wild animals trapped by border wall killed in Texas wildfire

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Alabama Senate bills propose legal immunity for IVF providers
Trying To Protect Access To IVF
Republicans who say they support IVF backed a bill protecting life ‘at conception’
Alabama justice's ties with far-right Christian movement raise concern
Could IVF access be protected nationally? One senator has a plan
Alabama embryo ruling may have devastating effect on cancer patients
Trump calls on Alabama to protect IVF treatment after bombshell ruling
The science of IVF: What to know about Alabama's 'extrauterine children' ruling
Days after Alabama’s Supreme Court ruling that frozen embryos are children, a third clinic pauses IVF treatment
The Alabama Chief Justice Who Invoked God in Deciding Embryo Case
Biden and Haley spar over abortion after Alabama court rules embryos are 'children'
After siding with Alabama ruling that embryos are children, Haley defends IVF access
Alabama's largest hospital says it is halting IVF treatments in wake of court ruling
How Alabama's ruling that frozen embryos are 'children' could impact IVF
Kansas can’t expand Medicaid unless top Republicans support it. Here’s why they don’t
Biden officials keep states waiting on expanding Medicaid voter registration
Red states that have resisted Medicaid expansion are feeling pressure to give up
Hospitals are fighting a Medicare payment fix that would save tax dollars
Federal fix for rural hospitals gets few takers so far
More patients are losing their doctors – and their trust in the primary care system
Can family doctors deliver rural America from its maternal health crisis?
A hospital's abrupt closure means, for many, help is distant
Hunter Biden denies Joe Biden involved in family business: 'Destructive political charade'
After months-long battle with GOP, Hunter Biden appears for impeachment testimony
Hunter Biden appears for deposition, tells Republicans he did not involve his father in his business
Biden impeachment effort on the brink of collapse
Fact check: How House Republicans put now-debunked Biden bribery claim at the center of impeachment push
Comer says indicted FBI informant ‘wasn’t an important part of this investigation’
James Comer Changes His Tune on Discredited Biden Probe Witness
"The math keeps getting worse": James Comer admits he may have to give up on Biden impeachment probe
James Biden behind closed doors in critical interview with Republicans as GOP looks for lifeline in impeachment probe
“Asset of Russian intelligence”: Experts say shocking DOJ filing blows up GOP impeachment sham
Will Joe Biden be impeached? Democrats issue warning as House Republicans prepare to approve investigation
Editorial: No evidence for Biden impeachment inquiry? No problem. The House GOP doesn't seem to care
The Huge, Hilarious Mistake in James Comer’s New Biden Corruption Claim
GOP considers holding formal vote to authorize Biden impeachment as White House questions legitimacy
House GOP's Biden impeachment effort heads into final stage
Oops! Republican Congressman Admits Hunter Biden Subpoena Double Standard
House panel subpoenas Hunter Biden and James Biden, stepping up impeachment probe
House Republicans subpoena Hunter and James Biden as their impeachment inquiry ramps back up
Biden impeachment inquiry end game comes into focus, but moderate Republicans still not sold
Johnson on Biden impeachment inquiry: We will ‘follow the truth where it leads’
James Comer Now Wants to Wrap Up Biden Impeachment Probe ‘ASAP’
Trump's voters are more excited than Biden's. But Trump could lose a lot if convicted
Joe Biden goes for the jugular: Attacking MAGA insanity could be the winning message for 2024
In forceful condemnation of Trump, Biden warns that MAGA backers pose grave threat to democracy
Trump says he doesn’t think any of the ‘job candidates’ in GOP debate will be his VP
Republican Group Running Anti-Trump Ads Finds Little Is Working
Will Trump, facing competitors and indictments, nab another presidential nomination?
The FAA gives Boeing 90 days to fix quality control issues. Critics say they run deep
Boeing given 90 days by FAA to come up with a plan to improve safety and quality of manufacturing
‘I’m Not Trying to Cause a Scene. I Just Want to Get Off This Plane.’
Boeing ousts the head of its troubled 737 Max program after quality control concerns
Boeing takes responsibility for 737 Max 9 failure: 'We caused the problem'
NTSB says key bolts were missing from the door plug that blew off a Boeing 737 Max 9
Why problems at a key Boeing supplier may help explain the company's 737 Max 9 mess
Ex-Boeing Manager: I Would ‘Absolutely Not Fly a Max Airplane’ Now
Boeing declines to give a financial outlook as it focuses on quality and safety
Alaska holds Boeing accountable, wants to be made whole for $150M in losses
Google CEO Pichai says Gemini's AI image results "offended our users"
Google takes down Gemini AI image generator. Here’s what you need to knows
Kellogg CEO under fire for suggesting cereal as a money-saving dinner
Consumers are increasingly pushing back against price increases — and winning
Consumers are tired of price increases. Big brands are paying attention.
Inflation is cooling, but small businesses are still suffering
US sues to block merger of grocery giants Kroger and Albertsons, saying it could push prices higher
Americans are spending more on food than they have in 3 decades
Warning of higher grocery prices, Washington AG sues to stop Kroger-Albertsons merger
Will the feds block a grocery megamerger? Kroger and Albertsons will soon find out
What does the Supreme Court do in the shadows? Find out in Throughline's history quiz
US Home-Buying Demand Nears Worst Since 1995 With Rates Above 7%
Could vacant office spaces across the U.S. be the solution to a national problem?
An incredible new map could help bring down America's sky-high home prices
New images share unprecedented view of how Odysseus spacecraft landed on the moon
Odysseus moon lander will cease working after sideways landing
Tipped-over Odysseus moon lander sends back pictures
A private U.S. moon lander has reached low lunar orbit, a day ahead of attempting to land
Private lunar lander returns U.S. to the moon 50 years later. Here's what to know
How to watch the U.S. moon landing of the Odysseus today live
U.S. Moon Landing: How to Watch and What to Know
Private company Intuitive Machines is set to land on the moon. Here's what to know
Gov. Tina Kotek wants to give cities a chance to bypass state land use laws. But will they?
Multnomah County poised to expand affordable housing incentives
How far can cities go to clear homeless camps? The U.S. Supreme Court will decide
Charges dropped against Ohio pastor who housed homeless people at his church
Unhoused young adults in Oregon count on each other for support amid limited services
An Ohio church is suing a city over not being allowed to house homeless people
US Supreme Court agrees to hear Oregon case over homelessness policies
At least 315 died while homeless in Multnomah County in 2022
Oregon Senate approves bill to ban book bans
Oregon House passes e-bike law after Bend teen’s death
Oregon’s unemployment insurance, paid leave programs will go offline to prep for new website
Fed up with slow fix, Oregon residents sue businesses over nitrate pollution
Oregon lawmakers could limit corporate ownership of medical practices
Oregon’s drug recriminalization bill sails through key committee, heads for House vote
Oregon Democrats agree to stronger criminal penalties for drug possession
As politicians debate Measure 110 fix, these specialists help addicts on the street, one emergency at a time
Oregon pioneered a radical drug policy. Now it's reconsidering.
What Oregon’s drug crisis looks like on the streets of Portland: Overdoses every day
In downtown Portland’s fentanyl crisis, Oregon leaders declare emergency
Oregon Democrats unveil bill to recriminalize drug possession, step up access to treatment
Former Portland Mayor Sam Adams seeks seat on Multnomah County’s board
Apple cancels decade-long electric car project, source says
After 10 years of development, Apple abruptly cancels its electric car project
Oregon’s popular EV rebate program will reopen later this year, but only for a couple of months
Chinese electric carmakers are taking on Europeans on their own turf — and succeeding
EVs won over early adopters, but mainstream buyers aren't along for the ride yet
The $7,500 tax credit for electric cars has some big changes in 2024. What to know
Havre's electric school buses ace their test in subzero temperatures
How the Senate GOP Scored a Top Recruit and Widened Its Path to a Majority
Who will replace Mitch McConnell? The 3 Republicans who are likeliest to succeed him
Mitch McConnell will step down as Senate minority leader in November
McConnell will step down as the Senate Republican leader in November after a record run in the job
McConnell will step down as the Senate Republican leader in November after a record run in the job
In today's global migrant crisis, echoes of Dorothea Lange's American photos
Arrest of Migrant in Georgia Killing Turns City Into Latest Battleground on Immigration
How a migrant influx is causing tensions in one of the most Hispanic cities in the U.S.
Trump beats Nikki Haley, Joe Biden wins amid protest votes in Michigan primaries
Michigan Democrats and Republicans wrap up their presidential primaries today
Why Michigan is having both a Republican primary and a caucus this week
Conservative megadonors Koch not funding Haley anymore as she continues longshot bid
Nikki Haley says Biden is 'more dangerous' than Trump but neither is fit for the job
What GOP infighting in South Carolina can (and can't) tell us about 2024
"Grotesque": Trump torched for "despicable" statement making Alexei Navalny's death about himself
Nikki Haley says challenging Trump is more important than ever
Trump’s RNC Takeover Is on the Brink of Becoming a ‘Purge’
Trump Fully Devours the Republican Establishment
Montana GOP lawmaker quickly drops Senate bid, citing Trump's endorsement of opponent
Republicans who ousted Kevin McCarthy complain "very wealthy folks" are pulling their donations
Opinion: McConnell appears to be politically weakened. This senator may be waiting in the wings
Speaker Mike Johnson reverses course and will not endorse Matt Rosendale for Senate in Montana after blowback
Setting up a bitter Montana GOP primary, Rosendale enters high-profile Senate race
On Caucus Day in Nevada, Trump's pitch is all about November
Ronna McDaniel, RNC Chairwoman, to Step Down Amid Pressure From Trump Allies
Floridians wonder if DeSantis will change now that he's not running for president
Inside Kevin McCarthy’s vengeance operation against the Republicans who fired him
Florida insiders fear vengeful DeSantis will ‘burn it all down’
Oregon sees highest gas price increase of any US state this week

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These companies tried a 4-day workweek. More than a year in, they still love it
Supreme Court hears challenge to Trump-era ban on bump stocks for guns
2 adults charged with murder of Lisa Lopez-Galvan at Chiefs parade: 'We are not done yet'
Kansas City Chiefs parade mass shooting: 2 adults arrested for murder
2 adults are charged with murder in the deadly shooting at Kansas City's Super Bowl celebration
Missouri House will not consider two bills expanding firearm access this session
2 juveniles charged in Kansas City Chiefs victory parade shooting
Kansas City shooting: Two teenagers facing weapons charges with more charges expected
Kansas City shooting live updates: Police say 'dispute between several people' led to gunfire at Chiefs Super Bowl parade
After parade shooting, Kansas City leaders want to pass gun safety laws. Missouri won't let them
Kansas City shooting live updates: Police say 'dispute between several people' led to gunfire at Chiefs Super Bowl parade
At least 8 children among 22 hit by gunfire at end of Chiefs' Super Bowl parade; 1 person killed
Kansas City shooting live updates: Witnesses describe chaotic scene as police are expected to give a briefing soon
1 dead, 5 injured in shooting at Bronx subway station, NYPD says
4 killings in one night in southeast L.A. are connected; 2 suspects arrested
It's hard to give up your childhood things. Here's how to honor them and let them go

Practicing contentment is a radical act in a consumption-driven society. - Robin Wall Kimmerer

Owning less is easier than organizing more. - unknown
Washington man to plead guilty in 'killing spree' of 3,600 birds, including bald eagles
Judge issues arrest warrant for man accused of killing thousands of bald eagles
Two men charged with killing approximately 3,600 birds, including bald eagles
Two men indicted for selling eagles in ‘killing spree’ of 3,600 birds
In Oregon, psilocybin treatment is an experiment in real time
As 'magic mushrooms' got more attention, drug busts of the psychedelic drug went up
As psychedelic-assisted therapy grows, so does interest from a new group: chaplains
Oregon is at the forefront of psilocybin’s future, but the host fungi’s past is still mysterious
How can you make the most of leap day? NPR listeners have a few ideas
Why do we leap day? We remind you (so you can forget for another 4 years)
Missouri advocates gather signatures for abortion legalization, but GOP hurdle looms
In Arizona, abortion politics are already playing out on the Senate campaign trail
What counts as an exception to South Dakota's abortion ban? A video may soon explain