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Happy Hanukkah!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

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Circumcision is a very good idea

Barry The Pug Bathes In The Sink, Could Not Be Happier About It

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Jon Stewart Skewers Chris Christie’s Support of Animal Cruelty for Political Gain

China Tumbles in Annual Corruption Index
Fact checking site
Dave Whelan's use of the word 'chink' is a reminder of the problems facing Britain's Chinese population
Fake Diversity and Racial Capitalism
Bao Nguyen Is Garden Grove's History-Making Mayor in More Ways Than His Ethnicity
Michelin-Starred Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare Hit With Class Action Suit Alleging Wage Theft, Racism
Chef at ritzy eatery served the worst meat to Asians: suit
'The Banh Mi Handbook': A Guide To A Viet-French Sandwich
Portland's 40-Mile Loop To Finally Close The Gap
This is why the middle class can’t get ahead
Ask the Headhunter: Why am I paid less than new hires?
This Is What Happens When You Drink 10 Cans Of Soda Per Day for One Month
Indian Court Says Elephant Who Was Chained For 50 Years Is Free
11 Gross Signs You’ve Reached Peak Comfort Levels In Your Relationship
Why We Don't Hear Each Other
What's the most popular dog name in Portland?

《空白格》楊宗緯 《一生一世》電影

Although the Chinese government promised Hong Kong 50 years of autonomous rule after its return to China from the UK in 1997, Beijing has been blatantly encroaching on Hong Kong's right to self-rule. Beijing has just announced that all the candidates for Chief Executive of Hong Kong must be vetted by China's National People's Congress. If this policy is actually carried out, it means that every future leader of Hong Kong will be pro-Beijing, and pro-democracy candidates will have no chance. Hong Kong people, along with those from Macau, are the few Chinese people out of 1.4 billion who have the fortune to live in a democracy, though even this precious system is being eroded away.

3 Things One Man Learned In 3 Weeks Of Fatherhood

Jon Stewart Accuses Fox News Of 'Racial Plagiarism' During Ferguson Coverage_ AWESOME!

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Let It Go (Frozen) - 4 Languages [Thai, Japanese, English, Chinese] - Male Cover by Nat Sakdatorn

Let It Go (Frozen) - 4 Languages [Thai, Japanese, English, Chinese] - Male Cover by Nat Sakdatorn

To your enemy, forgiveness To your opponent, tolerance To your friend, your heart To a customer, service To all, charity To every child, a good example To yourself, respect - Oren Arnold