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Chef Eddie Huang On Cultural Identity And 'Intestine Sticky Rice Hot Dog'
One Small Blow Against Big Sugar
A World Map of Economic Growth
CNN show asks: Is Portland so 'hip' and 'cool,' it's now hopelessly gentrified?
The benefits of good posture - Murat Dalkilinç
Gentrifying Portland: A tale of two cities
5,000-Year-Old Chinese Beer Recipe Revealed
31 Food Things Only People From Hawaii Would Understand
The Japanese art of not sleeping
Facing explosive obesity, China is telling citizens to cut back on meat and eggs
What will happen when Mount Rainier erupts?

What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong

What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong from noktasat on Vimeo.

Be Thankful "I’m holding on."

For the Love of Skinny Babies
5 Things Your Toddler Needs You to Know
But I Want It
Happy Maternal New Year
9 Illustrations For The Single And Not-So-Ready To Mingle
How To Trust Your Gut When You Want To Talk Yourself Out Of It
This Is Why Parents Are More Exhausted Than You Think They Should Be
Why you will marry the wrong person
She spoke to students about the importance of gratitude and resilience
Getting Married Is Not an Accomplishment, But Finding Happiness (In Any Form) Is
"Continued happiness and commitment will always be the real accomplishment aspect of getting married." "True happiness isn't always easy to come by, so when it's found, it should be cherished." Sons of divorce fare worse than daughters
IT’S A BOY THING, Data suggest that couples who have sons are more likely to stay together than those that don’t. Emily Bobrow looks into why this might be< not true if you have GKP in your life. Watch out.
The Brain Science That Changes Parenting
Calm and Confidence Will Slay the Toxic People in Your Life
9 Lessons Older Mamas Want Young Moms to Know LOVE YOURSELF, BE KIND
6 Ways Changing My Perspective Helped Stop My Kid's Tantrums SO IMPORTANT
10 Things I Want to Tell My Kids Before They’re Too Cool to Listen
The Science of Making Friends
Big messes and even bigger hugs: 23 ways having sons will change your life
'I've Never Thanked My Parents for Anything'
Your Small Paycheck May Have Been Determined At Birth
7 ways to practice emotional first aid
Anatomy of the Perfect Toy
Yes, I Am A Real Mother, oh yeah, I was really yelled at by a low energy nobody "You’re not a real mother."
Ship That Breast Milk For You? Companies Add Parent-Friendly Perks
Setting boundaries with toddlers using empathy and positive guidance
23 Everyday Ways to Say 'I Love You'
11 Quotes To Remember When You Feel Lost In Life
Honoring The Mom She’d Have Been If She Could
5 Signs Your Partner Is Too Selfish
Be the grown up your child needs“…we have a duty and obligation to fully inhabit the grown-up role to the best of our ability. This might require being present with our uneasiness or discomfort about our children’s anger toward us. But we shouldn’t avoid those unpleasant feelings by abdicating the bigger need they have – for us to lovingly Captain the ship, steering them through storms as well as calm waters.” – Susan Stiffelman
9 Non-Sexual Things That Make A Woman Sexy AF To A Man
24 Signs That You Are Becoming Your Mother, no thank you, NEVER.
10 Single Mom Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Advice
The Origin of Marriage (And the Evolution of Divorce)
Research has uncovered the precise age at which we start losing friends
12 Realites Of All-Boy Moms
Joan Didion on Self-Respect
Women fall in love more easily with men who are good storytellers
How happy we are in love depends directly on our dating pool
Nope, We're Not Having a Second Kid
Punishing Children for Being Human "Don’t project your bad moods. Learn how to handle your frustration, anger, fear, sadness, or disappointment. Don’t be rude to them. We all need high standards, and do you know what else we all need? A little grace. You know better, but sometimes you have a bad day and say something that isn’t nice, or you slam a door, or you yell at your kids. We aren’t robots. Sometimes life is just plain hard, and we need a break, not a lecture. We need a hug, not a scornful look. We know we did wrong, but we’re having a hard time. We just need grace. The same goes for our children.”
NOW READING #MyDepressionLooksLike Shows The World What It’s Really Like To Live With Depression
Everything You Need To Know About Parenting In 12 Jim Gaffigan Quotes
You’ve Got This, Mama
Our Troubling (And Sexist) Fascination With High Heels
The Exhausting Reality Of Parenting A Toddler While Pregnant
Screw You, Anxiety
Breaking Up Feels Different for Men and Women""Put simply, women are evolved to invest far more in a relationship than a man. A brief romantic encounter could lead to nine months of pregnancy followed by many years of lactation for an ancestral woman, while the man may have 'left the scene' literally minutes after the encounter, with no further biological investment. It is this 'risk' of higher biological investment that, over evolutionary time, has made women choosier about selecting a high-quality mate. Hence, the loss of a relationship with a high-quality mate 'hurts' more for a woman."
Turning Toward Our Children: Answering Bids for Connection
Breaking Down The Science Of Picky Eating
When the State Takes Kids Away From Parents: Three Perspectives
8 Things To Remember When Your Loved One Is Struggling With Depression
Dear First Born: It’s Not You, It’s Me
Kafka’s Remarkable Letter to His Abusive and Narcissistic Father
Why I Secretly Hated My Husband After My Daughter Was Born
I quit working full-time years ago—here’s why I recommend it highly
Ignoring Stuff Is Good for Your Memory
HOW I TESTED HIV POSITIVE — NINE TIMES — WHILE PREGNANT, what scary false alarm this was!
The Four Loves We All Need To Know More About I miss LOVE
How to Heal From Trauma
A Letter To My Firstborn: I Miss Us
Why This Boy Sleeping in "His Own Room" Will Make You Count Your Blessings
Why I’ll Never Have Another Brazilian Again
3 Things All Professional Waxers Want You To Know About Your Vagina
Baby formula is loaded with GMOs - Avoid these brands YES!
Raising Kids as an Only Child
Why Being An Only Child—And Raising One—Isn’t Such A Bad Thing YES YES YES
Research Reveals Key Steps to Successful Parenting" What makes for good parenting? Research puts giving love and affection at the top of the list. What comes next in importance may be a surprise: managing stress and having a good relationship with the other parent." SAD
The Science of Stress and How Our Emotions Affect Our Susceptibility to Burnout and Disease
As I Lie Beside My Son: I’m Holding Onto Childhood "I’m holding on to their childhoods by holding onto them. I won’t hold on forever. Independence comes on its own, and time with kids just keeps speeding on, whether you want it to or not"
NOW READING Mom’s Viral Post Reminds Strangers To Mind Their Own Damn Business
The Ultimate Paradox That Is Motherhood Amen, it is Me and all other moms that I know.
12 Charts That Perfectly Illustrate Parenthood In A Nutshell, haha, so true, loving every second of parenthood.
How I Slowed My Family Down. Like, to the Last Century.
Drowning really is silent: What parents need to know this summer WATCH OUT! Stay alert!
Bedtime Battles: When Saying Goodnight is Hard
Why Do We Have Such A Hard Time Believing Domestic Violence Allegations?
I Am Having It All!, not having a loving partner, I made peace with it. It is ok to live without a toxic one no matter how much I love him.
Why I have stopped telling my kids to give hugs to others AMEN
8 Reasons You Should Date A Gemini If You Always Get Bored In Relationships, thank you, thank you very much. I am all those special.. :)
7 benefits of submarine parenting in raising kids, interesting.
I WENT TO THE HOSPITAL TO GIVE BIRTH…AND TESTED POSITIVE FOR METH, wow, what a sad way to enter motherhood.
To help kids, Coach their parents
Things I Swore I’d Never Do... Until I Became a Parent, I enjoyed the list, except the minivan, but I am Getting close to that one, too! Haha, Life is good when Gabe is in it.
Amber Heard: Johnny Depp Is a Serial Abuser Who Made Me Fear for My Life, shocking, but not really, people changed....they are not who you think they are
For Dogs It's "Of Course I'll Obey — If You're Watching Me!"
6 Things You Should Never Ask An Unwed Mom-To-BeLove, Marriage, Baby... that trio was just a fantasy...
5 Things You Need To Stop Giving My Children

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tyler Malek, Salt & Straw's ice cream mastermind: 'You can tell whatever story you want on that frozen canvas'
These 7 Charts Show Why the Rent Is Too Damn High
14 Maps That Show What Languages People Speak In The U.S.
KinderCare drops fried foods and juice: Will that really make kids healthier?
For China’s upper middle class, driving for Uber is a cure for loneliness
What Are the Best and Worst Ways to Prepare for an Exam?
English T-Shirts In Asia, Oh mmmyyyy.
S01-3: What's love (styles) got to do with it?
Why does gin and tonic taste so good?

Seth Meyers Destroys Donald Trump @ White House Correspondents Dinner 5/1/2011

Against Empathy... interesting.. thought provoking

Obama Works His Magic On Crying Baby In Japan

Friday, May 27, 2016

Authoritarianism: The political science that explains Trump

Schools are finally teaching what kids need to be successful in life
This dark side of the Internet is costing young people their jobs and social lives
Death of the Mall Rat
In Defense of Voodoo Doughnut
The Minimum Income It Takes to Live in Each State
New Labels Warn That Mechanically Tenderized Meat Needs Extra Precautions
Watch the rapid evolution of the American diet over 40 years, in one GIF
6-Year-Old’s Brutally Honest Drawings Of Mom Remind Us All That Kids Have No Filter
For First Time In 130 Years, More Young Adults Live With Parents Than With Partners
Irked By The Way Millennials Speak? 'I Feel Like' It's Time To Loosen Up
This Short Film Explains Why Businesses Should Maximize Value Over Profit
Intel's strategic test: reinventing Moore's Law for a new era
Seattle schools have biggest white-black achievement gap in state
Forget The Baby Registry, Give New Parents The Gift Of Food
Watchdog group tracks what really happens to your ‘recycled’ e-waste
Portland's 25 Oldest Restaurants Worth Checking Out
16 free Oregon summer events to keep your wallet - and fun meter - full
This is what it's like to grow up in the age of likes, lols and longing
iPhone manufacturer Foxconn is replacing 60,000 workers with robots
Saving Money at Discount Stores Could Cost You Your Health
Why Some Cultures Frown on Smiling, funny way to live, but yet, they won't say the same to the rest of the world
Single women’s homes are worth less than men’s
How Facebook Warps Our Worlds
My 'Oriental' Father: On The Words We Use To Describe Ourselves
What one artist learned about America from 19 million dating profiles
A tale of two temperaments: Same parents, different kids
Study: Antibiotics Kill Gut Bacteria, Stop Growth of New Brain Cells
Trump's delusions of competence
Major Cell Phone Radiation Study Reignites Cancer Questions
Hilarious Video Pokes Fun At Parenting In The Age Of Social Media
Dear Stranger: Please Stop Rewarding My Kid’s Bad Behavior
How To Help Your Spouse Succeed as a Father (in a non-nagging way)
You Are in the Sea. Your Stuff Is on the Beach. Now What?
How to psychoanalyze Donald Trump
18 Spiritual Baby Names That Are Full Of Power
‘Call the Midwife’ Deserves More Respect for Its Depth and Daring
10 Truths Of Motherhood From A Father’s Perspective, I wish he saw all these, in stead, I am just a crazy bitch.. how hurtful is that?
What Should You Pay for a Child’s Guitar (Or Any Musical Instrument)?
NOW READING Show This Pregnancy GIF To Your Partner The Next Time They Say You’re Whining Too Much
Everything We Know of Female Sexuality is Changing — Because Women Are Finally Leading the Research
This Viral Dad-Baby Dance Class Video Will Put A Smile On Your Face, this does make me happy. I wish I am one of those happy couple some day..I can't remember when I was able to dance, liked the 3 of us.. oh yeah... that was before Gabe was born and we were living a G's judgment-free world. What dreams may come.

Jennifer Senior: For parents, happiness is a very high bar

Kang Lee: Can you really tell if a kid is lying? How to make hard choices The happy secret to better work Your words may predict your future mental health This is your brain on communication

Be thankful.

Study on Sex after Baby Tells Us What We Already Know: That Mom's Stress Matters
What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Sex Life
Why Young Kids Learn Through Movement
Study: There Are Instructions for Teaching Critical Thinking
An 8-part comic for people who say 'I'm sorry' too often.
To the Parents Who Don’t Feel Like They Can Get It All Done
Dear Exhausted Mom In The Trenches
Depression Makes Me A Better Mom
Putting Love to the Stress Test, my relationship failed because we lacked the skill the handle stress, internal or external...lessons learned
How To Waste $2,000 On Your Kids With A Backyard Playset, 2000$!!!!!!wow, who does that???? A backyard playlet was never on my radar, but it is a fun read and a learning.. about fugal parenting spending.. :)
25 words your toddler should know by age 2
Why Discipline Doesn't Really Work On Your Kids
In Charter School Era, Montessori Model Flourishes
5 Ways to Recover from Mistakes in Your Relationship
6 Ways Changing My Perspective Helped Stop My Kid's Tantrums
The Value Of A Night Away From The Kids
More And More Kids Are Being Poisoned By Essential Oils
Raise a Kid Who Gets Invited Back
Your Brain Is Your Most Powerful Sex Organ
The Other Side of Pain, I feel the pain, the funny thing in life.
Should You Take a Vitamin? Do You Know What a Vitamin Is?
21 Reasons Moms Aren’t Sleeping
Help, I Have a Difficult Child!, I can probably learn few things in the article even if I don't have a difficult child
The weirdest friendships you find yourself in once you hit 30
The Best Way to Move on After a Breakup
The Big Stall
What Is Love? Famous Definitions from 400 Years of Literary History
6 Ways To Stimulate Your Creativity After Having Your Heart Broken
Awake in a Nightmare
A Fascinating Theory Stating That All Mental Illness Is Connected Through What Captures Our Attention
The Best Superfoods for Baby That Are Packed with Nutrition
12 Things I Wish Non-Food-Allergy Moms Understood
9 Lessons Older Mamas Want Young Moms to Know
8 Discipline Mistakes Parents Make
The Big Differences Between Being 30 And Being 39 I LOVE #6 I’m starting to ignore anyone who may bring negativity into my life. My time is precious, and I shall not waste it.
37 Reasons I’m Not Embracing The Moment
Dr. Julie Holland on Why it’s Ok to Be a 'Moody Bitch'
How My Kids Are Like Terrible Roommates
13 Psychologist approved phrases to calm an angry child
NOW READING 10 Things Mean Moms Have In Common , I will work on being a mean mom, yet loving.
NOW READING 5 Things Men Should Know About Dating A Single Mom, how come baby daddy doesn't understand? Oh wait, I remember, Gabriela K.P. said so.
Photos No One Wants to See of Your Kid (*So Stop Sharing Them on Social Media)
Your College Major Indicates Your Intelligence
The Benjamin Franklin Effect: The Surprising Psychology of How to Handle Haters
To Anyone Who Thinks They’re Falling Behind In Life
The Communal Narcissist: Another Wolf Wearing a Sheep Outfit
building a home your kids want to come home to
The Worst Mother I’ve Ever Seen.. powerful words.. choose them carefully when you talk to our little angels
WORST-SCORING SUNSCREENS FOR KIDS, luckily I used none of these
5 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Verbal Abuse
Parenting Through The B*tching Hour
America's Most Well-Read Cities: Seattle wins, Portland is No. 2
Yelling At Kids Could Be Just As Harmful As Physical Discipline, Study Suggests
How to Raise an Emotionally Resilient Child
When You're the Mom With No Village, yes, it is lonely, but I am not focusing on that. I aim high and will only stay positive and work on my own village.
This Is What a Mom’s Voice Does to a Child’s Brain
When It Comes To Depression, Serotonin Isn't The Whole Story
Want Kids to Eat Better, Sooner? Skip the Mush
Comparing Sleep Habits Across The World
Please Let That Be Rain: A Sports Mom’s Inner Dialogue
For The Ones In The Muddy Trenches On Mother’s Day
The Cruel Joke That Is Mother’s Day
Shonda Rhimes Just Pointed Out One Huge Problem With Mother's Day Cards
Kristen Bell’s Stance On Mental Health Is Positively Perfect
Amanda Palmer’s Extraordinary BBC Open Letter on the Choice to Have a Child as a Working Artist
10 Slightly Awful Things My Kids Have Overheard
Like Mother, Like Daughter
10 Things You Need To Throw Away Immediately For Better Health
"We stand here, in the middle of this city, and force ourselves to imagine the moment the bomb fell. We force ourselves to feel the dread of children confused by what they see. We listen to a silent cry. We remember all the innocents killed across the arc of that terrible war, and the wars that came before, and the wars that would follow. Mere words cannot give voice to such suffering, but we have a shared responsibility to look directly into the eye of history and ask what we must do differently to curb such suffering again. Someday the voices of the hibakusha will no longer be with us to bear witness. But the memory of the morning of August 6th, 1945 must never fade. That memory allows us to fight complacency. It fuels our moral imagination. It allows us to change." —President Obama. Today, he became the first sitting U.S. President to visit Hiroshima President Obama’s Remarks at Hiroshima Peace Memorial

President Obama: 'Sovereignty should be respected'

President Obama's beatboxing moment, When POTUS met Vietnamese hip hop queen Suboi
President Obama: 'Sovereignty should be respected'
President Obama ate $6 noodles in Hanoi with Anthony Bourdain

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Obama has signed a bill erasing the words “Oriental” and “Negro” from federal legislation
The poor pay more for everyday purchases — and it’s getting worse, a new study warns
Portland is the 26th largest city in the U.S., new census figures show
Millions To Be Eligible For Overtime Under New Obama Administration Rule
These Photos Will Change How You Look At Poverty In The U.S.
Why White Parents Won’t Choose Black Schools
Ex-domestic helper Xyza Bacani on her Hong Kong photo show about human trafficking
The state with the best economy is voting today
Genetically engineered crops are safe analysis finds
Oregonians Are Nearly Twice as Likely to Die From Alcoholic Liver Disease As People From Other States
No, Half of All Children Won't Be Autistic By 2025, Despite What Your Facebook Friends May Tell You, bad science, you do need to look at research method closely when you draw on your own conclusion..
Portland voters approve 4-year gas tax, highest in state (election results)
This Map Shows Us Why Tor Is so Important
Why Are American Colleges Obsessed With 'Leadership'?
The false promise of tech in schools: Let's make chagrined admission 2.0
Read every horrible thing Donald Trump has said about women and tell me he's not a sexist, I really don't understand why there are women that would vote for such horrible person
It's Gotten A Lot Harder To Act Like Whiteness Doesn't Shape Our Politics

Friday, May 20, 2016

Be thankful!

25 Things That Made Me Smile Today, Knowing that Gabe will be in my arm tonight at 6 PM made me smile.
One Child Too Many
Why Our Minds Are So Chaotic and How to Make It Stop
Why We Need To Talk About The Trials And Tribulations Of Motherhood
Questions Designed to Help You Fall in Love with Anyone
Powerful, positive affirmations for kids
To boost your creativity, procrastinate
Teaching kids philosophy makes them smarter in math and English
Unpacking the Science: How Playing Music Changes the Learning Brain
No Sound, No Fury, No Marriage
Moms Are People First, I don't do what this mom does, but it is important to know moms are human do and we are just doing our best, well, most of us, unless you are a 50 something narcissist, still treating your 32 year old man son liked he was 3, meanwhile, living liked a leech and sucked the daylight off of people and the system. Real classy
Does City Life Pose a Risk to Mental Health?
Seattle and Portland are showing how cities can grow without sprawl
How Your Gut Affects Your Mood
Hey Moms, Let’s All Agree to Stop Doing This
Dear Kids: This Is What I Want You To Remember About Your Mom
Why Sometimes The Best Thing to Do With Relationships is Let Them Go
Diet, Exercise, and Sleep Are Great, but 1 Thing Matters Even More for Your Health
Dear mother of just one child
Could Bilingual Education Mold Kids’ Brains to Better Resist Distraction?
Dear Mothers of Just One Child…THIS is Your Problem
8 Things Your Friends Would Never Tell You About Your Relationship “You need to understand that you and your partner are family now. The two of you are a unit,” she said. “Of course you can talk to your family and they should care but your primary emotional bond needs to be with your spouse. Commit to yourself and your partner and give the relationship all you’ve got.”
How ‘twisted’ early childhood education has become — from a child development expert
Genetic links to educational attainment identified
25 Ways To Know Your Marriage Is Strong, on in dreams
Why You Can’t Work at Work
6 Things You Should Never Stop Asking For In Your Relationship YES I deserved it.
Tomorrow I Will Do Better
The Force of Motherhood LOVE IT
When You Can't Afford to Make a Mistake, This’ll Keep You Sharp
Good Parents Have Monumental Moments Of Failure Too
To the Mom Who is Too Hard on Herself
The One Question You Should Ask Your Child Tonight
To the Mom Who is Too Hard on Herself
Anxiety, Depression, or Both?
What Parents And Pregnant Women Need To Know About Zika Protection
33 Reasons Moms Are Late
BPA's Lasting Effects on Kids May Start in the Womb
Let's Learn Something: Bouncers, Jumpers and Walkers , interesting in a way of how this Dr. & mother's view on those devices.
Does Swaddling A Baby Really Boost Risk Of SIDS?
'Eleven Hours' Vividly Depicts The Beauty And Brutality Of Childbirth
Good Parents Have Monumental Moments Of Failure Too
This subset of women has the strongest odds of making a marriage last, I hope so.
The Best-Kept Secret in Parenting
7 things terrible husbands have in common, No one is perfect, but Gabe's dad definitely had many of the relationship killer traits. I reacted to them pretty badly.
I failed at attachment parenting and my kids got a lot happier, I worked, so I rushed home everyday afterwork for attachment parenting and left no time for anything else. IT is not for everyone, but it is a choice that I made. It is rewarding for me and Gabe. We are happy.
Chrissy Teigen Gets Honest About Life As A Breastfeeding Mom
11 Benefits of Hugging – Backed By Chemistry
How social media is making parenting more competitive than ever

BE happy... can't wait to see Gabe! Happy Friday!

To be happy, you must: 1. Let go of what's gone. 2. Be grateful of what remains. 3. Look forwards to what's to come next.

Who doesn't like selfie?

Turn Any Cup Into A Spillproof Sippy Cup For Your Kids
1,700 years ago, the mismanagement of a migrant crisis cost Rome its empire
May 20, 1990: Advice on Life and Creative Integrity from Calvin and Hobbes Creator Bill Watterson
As WWII loomed, Britain saved 10,000 child refugees from certain death. Why won’t it do so now?
From Cultural Appropriation to Appreciation, What Do Tacos have to Do with It?
The Gutsy Girl: A Modern Manifesto for Bravery, Perseverance, and Breaking the Tyranny of Perfection

Beauty of Mixed Blood
Which Countries Have the Best Passports — And Which Have the Worst
Los Angeles Tells Us to Keep Our "Stupid Doughnuts"