Friday, October 28, 2016

National chocolate day!

Milk Chocolate Is Better Than Dark, the End

The Science of Sounding Smart
The American Dream Is Killing Us
93 Real Thoughts That Rolled Through My Mind When I Couldn't Stop My Baby From Crying
Sometimes You Make Me Want to Run Away
How losing at sports even all the time can be good for kids
Neuroscientists say multitasking literally drains the energy reserves of your brain
12 Reasons Why Old Souls Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love
How Anxiety Leads to Disruptive Behavior
How to handle 4 toddler power struggles (no tears!)
10 Overlooked Babyproofing Tasks Not On Your Checklist
I Didn’t Unfriend You Over ‘Politics’. This is about humanity. Decency. Morality.
5 healthy responses to a child's natural emotions
Finding A Way Home Through 'The Door Of No Return', this would be a difficult sight for anyone to see. Such a sad part of our human history
Forget Age, Choose to Measure Your Life in Experiences Instead
"We often add to our pain and suffering by being overly sensitive, over reacting to minor things, and sometimes taking things too personally." - Dalia Lama

Gender gap in math starts in kindergarten, study says
15 Ways to Be More Productive Today
I spent 15 years confusing money with happiness. Here’s how I learned to stop
This powerful short by two Pixar animators is darker than Pixar has ever gone
For these college students, the most difficult test may be basic survival
Women are fast catching up to men in alcohol consumption — and abuse
Looking For A Good Documentary? Here Are 19 That Will Have An Impact On Your Life

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

DNC Launches Broad Legal Attack On RNC Over Trump's 'Voter Fraud' Crusade
Networks mostly ignore Trump hotel opening
In the year of Trump, student Republicans at odds
‘Rigging the election’ — rhetoric vs. reality
Colin Powell joins 68 Republican politicians, donors and officials who are supporting Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton 'personally ordered' Donald Duck to stalk me
All hell breaks loose after CNN’s Chris Cuomo blasts Rudy Giuliani for living in fact-free ‘Trumpland’
How Trump And Clinton Are Framing Their Closing Arguments
Newt Gingrich has a complete meltdown after Fox’s Megyn Kelly calls Trump a ‘sexual predator'
\ Even Democrats agree: This Texas Republican has the best TV ad of the election season
In these states, taking a selfie with your ballot could get you arrested
The Trump Files: Donald's Words to a Grieving Mother, no more shocking news from this guy, he is the worst of the worst, well , not quite, the is just loud and clear and didn't clear to hide. I am sure a lot of people agree with him and his acts.... it is truly a moral decline in our generation.
Trump confounds many Republicans with last-minute push in Virginia
The Best of the Worst: Democalypse 2016 Roundup
The world’s cartoonists are showing Trump as a defeated candidate
Fearing Trump, bar association stifles report calling him a "Libel bully"
Attempting To Woo Latino Voters, Marco Rubio Gets Booed At Orlando Festival
Obama Reads 'Mean Tweets' — Including One From Trump
Obama smacks back Trump tweet on 'Kimmel'
Samantha Bee absolutely destroys ‘dick-waving’ Trump over non-existent partial birth abortion
"A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected." - Woman Own "I have learned now that while those who speak about one's miseries usually hurt, those who keep silence hurt more." -C.S. Lewis "Aim at Heaven and you will get Earth thrown in. Aim at Earth and you will get neither."C.S. Lewis "Hugging is a silent way of saying.. you matter to me." - POP "Do good for others. It will come back in unexpected ways." - POP "Texting is a brilliant way to miscommunicate how you feel, and misinterpret what other people mean." - Purple Clover "Don't do something permanently stupid just because you are temporarily upset." - Karen Salmansohn

"Big" my all time fave!

Cost Of Child Care Causes Financial Stress For Many Families
The Family That Plays Together
When love and attention just aren't enough.
Talking To Toddlers – 4 Secrets That Bring You Closer
How to Handle Your Anger at Your Child
Neuroscience says these five rituals will help your brain stay in peak condition
I Hate You, Hand, Foot, And Mouth. I Hate You So Much.
New Guidelines Acknowledge The Reality: Babies Do Sleep In Mom's Bed
13 signs that someone is about to quit, according to research
6 Phrases Guaranteed to Make Any Argument Worse
The Biggest Money Mistakes We Make—Decade by Decade
Close the pay gap? Get dads involved? Default 50% visitation, no child support, I don't agree with her although I see her positions. I think there are many dead beat dads. PEROID. They are toxic people and surround themselves with TOXIC people. NO WAY.
How Small Fibs Lead To Big Lies
What Knitting Can Teach Us About Parenting
What Are The Main Reasons Teachers Call It Quits?
4 ways to be a good mom and a good employee
Dear Lonely Mama: Keep Trying to Find Your Tribe
Research confirms screen time is hurting children’s school performance
Parents Should Share A Room With Their Infant To Prevent SIDS, Report Finds
Can a Catholic in good conscience vote for Trump?
Mormons’ Consciences Have Put White Evangelicals To Shame This Election
Antarctica's Ice Sheets Are Melting Faster — And From Beneath
4 Reasons Mormons Are More Skeptical Of Trump Than Other Religious Conservatives
Vatican: Don't Scatter Cremation Ashes, And Don't Keep Them At Home
Many 'Worn Out' By Campaign, Survey Of Social Media Users Shows
“Toddlers kill”: Gun control ad shows absurdity of keeping guns around toddlers
Struggling to Serve at the Nation’s Richest University
The kids who have to sew to survive

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Chris Christie Is Over
The Joy of David S. Pumpkins
White, Conservative, Christian Friends — I Wish You Really Were Pro-Life
Fox News Shocks America & Admits Benghazi Investigation Was Complete Hoax
We're in the Universal Derp Implosion
John Oliver's hilarious stunt to get Trump to concede on Election Day
Australian Comedy Team Fitzy and Wippa Take On Donald Trump In Hilarious Wham! Parody
The White House Correspondents' Association is sounding the alarm over both Trump and Clinton
Is Donald Trump a Fake Republican? Or the Ultimate Republican?
We asked 16 historians if Donald Trump is a fascist — this is what they said
The 281 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List
Andrew Bird And The National's Matt Berninger Cover Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day'

Hopeful to love and to be loved.

For Babies On A Plane, Hot Drinks And Co-Sleeping Pose A Risk
Why Some People Never Change, they are perfect. The best Romanian people there are. God chosen.
Optimistic People All Have One Thing In Common: They’re Always Late
Dear Husband: The Bathroom Is Not A Man Cave
The Binge Breaker
"The sun is a daily reminder that we too can rise again from the darkness, that we too can shine our own light." - S. ajna I Illustrated Mental Illness And Disorders For Inktober
Science Says You Can Reprogram Your Brain To Be Happier in 10 Seconds
Becoming A Mom Made Me Even More Pro-Choice
10 Toys You Should Never Buy Your Child
"without forgiveness, there is no friendship, there is no love."
"Don't be afraid to be "too". Too emotional, too childish, too straight-forward, too whatever. There always will be someone who will love you for who you are, who's find special enhancement in all your "toos". - the idealist. U.S. Parents Are Sweating And Hustling To Pay For Child Care
My Kid's Dad Changed A Diaper One Time, So It Makes Sense That He's Instantly Famous
"Forgiveness is the sign of strength" - Dalai Lama Desmond Tutu and Dalai Lama talk about forgiveness being a strength
The two most joyful people on the planet have written a book and it’s called “The Book of Joy”
Is It Love If I Don’t Feel It?
American Academy Of Pediatrics Lifts 'No Screens Under 2' Rule
10 Reasons I Love Having An Only Child
You are almost definitely not living in reality because your brain doesn’t want you to
American Academy Of Pediatrics Lifts ‘No Screens Under 2’ Rule
An Apology To My Kids From Their Anxious Mom
Are You Expecting Too Much from Your Toddler?
Everyone is born creative, but it is educated out of us at school
People Who Cry During Movies Are The Strongest People Of All
Cindy Gallop on Ambition, Sex, and Doing Exactly What She Pleases
Scientists explain how happiness makes us less creative
10 conversations to help shape your son for life
Toddlers and Self-Control: A Survival Guide for Parents
They Came To America And Found Love. But First, They Found 'Love' In A Dictionary
American Academy Of Pediatrics Lifts 'No Screens Under 2' Rule
No Snapchat In The Bedroom? An Online Tool To Manage Kids' Media Use
10 Behaviors That Ruin Relationships (And How To Avoid Them)
5 Signs A Broken Relationship Is Still Worth Saving
A Neuroscientist And A Psychologist On How Our Ancient Brains Work In A High-Tech World

Monday, October 24, 2016

My Visit to the Trump Dump.... Sorry, Trump Tower
As a white parent, I solemnly swear to never do this
Elizabeth Warren To Donald Trump: ‘Nasty Women Have Really Had It With Guys Like You’
Analysis: How Donald Trump spectacularly failed his supporters
Donald Trump’s chances of winning are approaching zero
Sean Hannity Just Got OWNED By George W. Bush’s CIA Director
Trump: 'Too much is being made' about what I said in the debate
How I know Donald Trump is going to win the election in a landslide
Latest Polls: ABC Says Clinton Ahead By 12 Points; IBD, LA Times Give Trump The Edge
Donald Trump’s collapse was caused by one big factor: Hillary Clinton
Kellyanne Conway Says Trump Would Challenge Clinton to Another Debate
Donald Trump shows signs of surrender in Virginia: Fear and losing on the campaign trail
Fox News panel is baffled that Donald Trump continually 'pulverizes' his own message
Jorge Ramos: Hate Rising
Trump reminds us that he is a crude, mean boor
President Barack Obama Urges Early Voting in Hilarious New Clinton Ad
'America's dad' Tom Hanks has a chat with his big, growin' nation
Kids Tell Jimmy Kimmel Donald Trump Is ‘Losing His Mind’
Here's What Happens When You Publicly Oppose Donald Trump On The Internet
Busted: Jake Tapper unearths clip of Kellyanne Conway saying Trump ‘whines’ about rigged elections
Science confirms rich people don’t really notice you—or your problems
Robert Reich: For liberals, a protest vote against Hillary Clinton isn’t the answer
Meet The Press Gets NUTS After Trump’s Campaign Manager Gets Fact Checked Into Commercial
Stephen Colbert pitches exciting new shows for proposed TrumpTV — if it ‘hasn’t gone bankrupt already’
CNN Panel Laughs When Trump Backer Says No Evidence To Call Him Racist
= This Wieden & Kennedy Food Cart Has Free Donald Trump Baloney Sandwiches
Donald Trump Describing Classic Literature Is Exactly What You Need Right Now
Inquirer editorial: Clinton easily the best candidate for president
Cardinal Dolan: In private, Trump praised Clinton as ‘tough’ and ‘talented’
At Al Smith Dinner, Donald Trump Turns Friendly Roast Into 3-Alarm Fire
The very bad jokes Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump told at the Al Smith dinner
Why Investors Are Terrified of a President Trump
How can you tell if someone is kind? Ask how rich they are.
Nippon Mill For Sale: Loss Or Opportunity?
Nippon paper mill, cogeneration plant in Port Angeles for sale
What President Obama Just Said To Republican Leadership Is Breaking The Internet
Obama mockingly takes his revenge on a Republican congressman
This election isn’t just Democrat vs. Republican. It’s normal vs. abnormal.
Electon 2016 data
Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower? Would You Believe It's Barack Obama?
Jonathan Gold: Delicious Food Corner is the most Hong Kong place in the San Gabriel Valley
Millennials need to ditch their parents’ outdated career ladders and embrace job-hopping
Texas May Be Denying Tens Of Thousands Of Children Special Education

Friday, October 21, 2016

Meteor showers tonight!

Did you see it?
Massive cyberattack takes down major websites across the U.S.
‘Tampopo’ Trailer: Juzo Itami’s Mouthwatering Ramen Western Returns to Theaters This Week — Watch
Portland can't halt no-cause evictions under current law
Google just revealed the incredibly simple formula for killer résumés
Google’s been quietly recording your voice; here’s how to listen to—and delete—the archive
These five investments make the perfect all-around portfolio for 2017
Seattle’s Jobless Rate Drops Below Four Percent in September

Michael Moore announces ‘surprise’ Donald Trump film just in time for election
Michelle Obama Drops Jaws In A Chainmail Versace Gown At Her Last State Dinner
Vogue Endorses Hillary Clinton for President of the United States
Chris Wallace did Fox proud
Hillary went out and partied with Latinx voters after crushing Trump in Vegas debate
Trump national political director 'steps back' from campaign
Hillary Clinton pokes fun at Donald Trump — and herself — during Al Smith Dinner
Donald Trump Make An Ass Of Himself At A Charity Dinner
‘I have never heard boos like that’: ‘CNN rips ‘over the line’ Trump for #AlSmithDinner speech
Even Bill O’Reilly Sounds Like He’s Giving Up On Donald Trump
Donald Trump Is No Longer Running For President
Clinton Nukes Trump's Remaining Chances
Donald Trump now claiming on Twitter the debate was rigged!
In Despicable, Rambling Speech, Trump Promises to Accept Election Result “If I Win”
It is not easy to live at trump tower these days
Here’s Why Trump’s ‘Bad Hombres’ Comment Was So Offensive
Donald Trump Confuses Birth With Abortion. And No, There Are No Ninth Month Abortions.
Did Trump TV Launch Last Night?
Elizabeth Warren: Trump didn’t invent the ‘rigged election’ myth. Republicans did.
“Nasty woman" becomes the feminist rallying cry Hillary Clinton was waiting for
A Trump-Pence Presidency Would Be a Disaster for LGBT People
New report details Trump-inspired surge in anti-Semitism
The Nazi echoes in Trump's tweets
Even Donald Trump’s Alma Mater School Newspaper Endorsed Hillary Clinton

My kid is the best!

The Narcissistic Rage Cycle
5 ways to balance your role as a parent with being a partner
Dear Attachment Parents: You Aren’t Ruining Your Kids
Which Came First? The Behavior Problems, or the Poor Sleep?
To My Dear Wife: This Is How I Truly Feel About You
How To Deal With Tantrums in Public (Without Feeling Like A Fool)
RECIPE FOR HEALTH: Got a Picky Eater? Try This Sandwich Mix and Match
How to raise kinder, less entitled kids (according to science)
Guide to Toilet Training, 2nd edition [Paperback] Standing or sitting? That may be a big question for parents of toilet training boys. "While there is no definitive best answer to this question, toddler boys are usually encouraged to sit down to urinate until they've grown familiar with the process of potty use and their aim while urinating is likely to have improved."
I Miss Having Friends, But Right Now Being A Mom Is Enough
Dad Rage is My Dark Passenger
Your Child Is Probably Better Behaved Than You Realize
‘When Breath Becomes Air:’ a dying doctor’s memoir teaches about love and loss
Turning Toward Our Children: Answering Bids for Connection
What Is The Weissbluth Method? It's A Bit Controversial, I won't do it.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

I am sorry for MVP STILL suffered under the wrath of GKP for too long. We will always love our mothers, but that doesn't mean we have to take their craps.

"We can not change the past, but we can start a new chapter with a happy ending." - POP Long-term effects of bullying
Mindfulness for families: 7 tips to get you started
Power Couples Explain How They Juggle Career, Family, and the Laundry
8 Sex Positive Things You Can Say To Your Kids That Have Nothing To Do With Sex
11 Signs My Kid's Not In Danger, But You May Have Control Issues

Sociologists have identified the two kinds of people most likely to get ahead at work
The 12 Worst Ways To Respond To A Toddler Tantrum
Intimacy for the Avoidant
66 Buddha Quotes

Debate 3 #Mansplaining #manterrupting #MasculinitySoFragile #BadHombres

Notes From a Nasty Woman
If Hillary Clinton is ‘such a nasty woman,’ she’s also a liberated one
Dan Rather PERFECTLY Responds To Final Presidential Debate & Trump Is PISSED
NYT, Washington Post, WSJ denounce Trump's refusal to accept election results
Trump Angrily Tear a Page Out of His Notepad at the End of Last Night's Debate
Three debates, three horrifying moments of Trump
Unable to control himself, Trump confirms everyone’s worst fears
LA Times: Our judges named Clinton the winner of the first two debates. Will she go 3 for 3? Follow along with our live analysis.
Nate Silver to Colbert: Trump’s Chances ‘Not Looking Too Good’ After Third Debate
Trump’s Roe v. Wade debate answer rankles some pro-life conservatives
FOX News: Trump Committed Political Suicide At The Debate
Donald Trump Said Putin Isn’t His Best Friend And The Memes Rushed In
Trump says he didn't apologize to Melania. Melania claims he did.
Donald Trump destroys himself
'Nasty women' defiantly embrace Donald Trump's insult
In Which the Debate Audience Laughs at Trump’s Claim That He Respects Women
The Best Responses To "Nasty Woman" On Twitter, From All Y'all Self-Proclaimed "Nasty Girls"
Trump Looked Presidential—for About 30 Minutes
Donald Trump’s Contempt for Democracy
This is the moment when Donald Trump lost the debate
The Best, Worst, and Most Embarrassing Lines of the Final Presidential Debate
Fact-checks from the third presidential debate (running story)
‘One of the most stunning things I’ve ever heard’: CNN’s Tapper blasts Trump on #DebateNight
Trump Overlooked One Small Detail When He Invited Obama’s Half Brother to the Debate
GOP strategist Steve Schmidt: ‘Rigged’ talk in final debate was ‘a disqualifying moment’ for Trump
Twitter Turns "Bad Hombres" Into "Bad Ombre" In The Most Epic Joke Of The Night
Read this Trump debate answer and tell me if you can make sense of it
The Most Irresponsible Thing Ever Said in a Presidential Debate
Hillary Clinton’s Debate Answer on Abortion Is Why We Need More Women In Politics
Trump Refuses to Commit to Accepting Election Results
What We Saw in the Final Debate
Donald Trump just said he might not concede the election if Clinton wins
Trump Claims Clinton Invented a Statement He Made to the Debate Moderator
Sometimes the best solution for unhelpful behavior is simply to be kind. Wishing you a wonderful day. ~Ariadne

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