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Anti-LGBT group targets Battle Ground sex ed
Oregon Jail Has Released Inmates To Save Space For ICE Detainees
More states should follow Washington and vote by mail
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler: 'Cannot wait' for term to be over
The Media Needs A New Set Of Rules For Covering Trump
Trump Is Reshaping The Judiciary. A Breakdown By Race, Gender And Qualification

America has spent $5.9 trillion on wars in the Middle East and Asia since 2001, a new study says
Chief Justice Roberts Requests Tenth Circuit To Investigate Kavanaugh Ethics Questions, just for show..
After 17 years, many Afghans blame US for unending war
Dawna Friesen: Journalism is a pillar of democracy
Brazil's new foreign minister believes climate change is a Marxist plot
Houston Got Hammered By Hurricane Harvey — And Its Buildings Are Partly To Blame
50,000-strong climate march in Montreal targets Legault government
Britain's first plastic-free supermarket zones open
This is how long everyday plastic items last in the ocean

Funny Vintage Ads You Would Definitely Never See Today
Japan’s cybersecurity chief: “I have never used a computer in my life”
Actually, Portland is a terrible place to be single, female readers say
Japan's cyber-security minister has 'never used a computer'
‘I don’t use computers,’ Japan’s minister in charge of cybersecurity tells Diet
Portland is the 4th best place to be single in the U.S.
Portland drivers among worst in country, report says

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How to Help Camp Fire Victims
If you're using an N95 mask for smoke, do you need a backup?
California Fires Only Add to Acute Housing Crisis
'What Took A Lifetime To Accumulate ... Was Incinerated In Minutes'
Northern California Air Quality Currently Worst in the World
Chico choking on smoke as air quality index hits a 'hazardous' 365
PG&E linked to fatal wildfires; its stock nose-dives 22%. California’s biggest utility has plunged into crisis on the possibility that its equipment sparked one of the catastrophic wildfires ravaging the state. PG&E said it would not have enough insurance coverage if it’s found liable for the fatal Camp fire.
What Do Those Wildfire Containment Numbers Mean?
A Personal And Harrowing Account Of How The Camp Fire Devastated Paradise
Happiness is letting go of what you assume your life is supposed to be like right now sincerely appreciating it for everything that it is. At the end of the day, before you close your eyes, smile and be at peace with where you've been and grateful for what you have. Life is good. - Angel Chernoff

Courage doesn't alway roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow. - Annie D.

An unhealed person can find offense in pretty much anything someone does. A healed person understands that the actions of others have nothing to do with them. Each day you get to decide which one you will be. - unknown

Sometimes grief is a friend you wish you didn't know but that you have to spend time with because love brought them along to the party. And the party was worth it. - Nanea Hoffman
Being president doesn't change who you are. It reveals who you are. - Michelle Obama

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Friday, November 16, 2018

The Future Of Learning? Well, It's Personal... a bit like Montessori....
Be Alone Until You Find Someone Who Actually Gives A Shit About You
There's a reason your child wants to read the same book over and over again
How Being Ignored by Dad -- & Not So Much Mom -- Negatively Affects Kids
38 Ways To Really Show Up In Your Relationship
The Backlash Against Screen Time at School "When every child is working on something different, you’re taking away the most human component in the learning process, which is social interaction—learning from one another and collaborating to solve problems. They’re developing a relationship with their tablet but not with each other.”
Should Men Be Able to Opt Out of Fatherhood?
To The Mom Struggling To Hold Her Sh*t Together "You wear a brave mask. You smile to hide your stress, even on the bad days. You get up every day, put yourself together, and do what needs to be done. You are strong. You are Mom."
When atheists lack the courage of their convictions
U.K. Wracked By Political Turmoil As Top Ministers Reject Draft Brexit Deal
A Toy Monkey That Escaped Nazi Germany And Reunited A Family
The Twisted Logic of the Jewish ‘Historic Right’ to Israel
Latinos Increasingly Concerned About Their Place In U.S. Society, Survey Finds
China's Building Spree In Poor Nations: Does It Really Help The Local Economy?
Ex-Detainee Describes Torture In China's Xinjiang Re-Education Camp, so much injustice and sadness in breaking down a decent human being

I think this 45th need a brain scan.

Education Dept. Proposes Enhanced Protection For Students Accused Of Sexual Assault, she is the enemy of women
Ranked-Choice Voting Delivers Democrats A House Seat
Democrat flips US House seat in Maine ranked balloting
Melania Trump Knows It’s Ironic That She Advocates Against Bullying
Sen. John Kennedy To Trump: 'Tweeting A Little Less Would Not Cause Brain Damage'
California, New Jersey Republicans concede, Utah representative sues
Florida Senate Race Heads To Hand Recount; Legal Challenges Continue
Local Police Can't Detain Immigrants For ICE, NY Court Finds
Betsy DeVos Sued For Failing To Implement Automatic Student Loan Forgiveness
Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis
President Trump Makes Baseless Claim That Voters Change Clothes to Cast Multiple Votes
Disguised 'illegal' voters cost Republicans midterm victories: Trump
Trump backs 1st major rewrite of sentencing laws in decades
Republicans block Senate bid to protect Mueller probe
Judge Rules In Favor Of CNN, Temporarily Restores Correspondent's Credential
Judge hands CNN victory in its bid to restore Jim Acosta’s White House press pass
CNN’s Jim Acosta Must Have White House Credentials Restored, Judge Rules
Judge Grants CNN’s Motion to Restore Jim Acosta’s White House Press Pass
Federal judge sides with CNN, orders White House to restore Jim Acosta's press pass
Judge: White House must return CNN's Jim Acosta's credentials
Decision Delayed To Friday In CNN Suit Over White House Revoking Acosta's Press Pass
Her biggest mistake wasn't loving too hard, but staying too long with someone who never saw her worth. - unknown
“Life isn't fair, it's just fairer than death, that's all.” ― William Goldman, 'The Princess Bride' | via Vanity Fair

Michelle Obama And Jimmy Kimmel Shade Melania Trump

Thursday, November 15, 2018

FDA Seeks Ban On Menthol Cigarettes To Fight Teen Smoking
For thousands of years, humans slept in two shifts. Should we do it again?
Hand dryers suck in fecal bacteria and blow it all over your hands, study finds
FDA Cracks Down On E-Cigarette Sales To Curb Teen Vaping
'Meat taxes' would save many lives and cut health care costs, study says
Save the Climate, Eat Less Red Meat
Lost No More: Coho Salmon Return To Oregon’s Lostine River After 40 Years
It’s time to stop spending billions on cheap conference swag. We’re facing a full-on environmental crisis. Do you really need another flimsy tote or pen?
The Benefits Of Taking Out Loans For College
Fact-Checking Trump’s Claims About the Chinese Economy
Poverty in America
Help Americans find meaningful relief from poverty
Zipcode Destiny: The Persistent Power Of Place And Education
This Scottish café chain has built a village for the homeless
The Evidence Pours In: Poverty Getting Much Worse in America
How Big Is Amazon? Its Many Businesses In One Chart
Some colleges are totally unaffordable, and this tool proves it
How Baby Boomers Broke America
We’re All Afraid to Talk About Money. Here’s How to Break the Taboo.
My new wife wanted to live with me for free, even though she had $800,000 in the bank—so I asked her to move out
“If you’re breathing, you’re achieving” - Snoop Dog aka Snoop Lion ❤️

The truth is still the truth, even if no one believes it. A lie is still a lie, even if everyone believes it. - unknown

“I can’t tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.” – Ed Sheeran

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

French president requests respect following Trump's tweets
'Allies owe each other respect,' Macron says of Trump tweets
Facing Lawsuit, Trump White House Shifts Story On CNN's Jim Acosta
Fox News To File Amicus Brief In Support Of CNN's Jim Acosta Lawsuit
Donald Trump Played Central Role in Hush Payoffs to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal
White House: Trump has 'broad discretion' to regulate journalists' access
It Was A Big, Blue Wave: Democrats Pick Up Most House Seats In A Generation
Secret CIA Document Shows Plan to Test Drugs on Prisoners
Hate crimes rose sharply in 2017, FBI report says
Remember the caravan? After vote, focus on migrants fades
A Week After the Midterms, Trump Seems to Forget the Caravan
The Looming Legal Battle Over Jim Acosta's Press Pass
Standing up for your First Amendment Right
The media’s eagerness to discount the ‘blue wave’ feeds a dangerous problem
The White House is changing its tune on why it yanked Jim Acosta’s press pass
CNN is suing the White House over Jim Acosta’s press pass. Does the network have a case?
Trump, stung by midterms and nervous about Mueller, retreats from traditional presidential duties
A Week After the Election, Democratic Gains Grow Stronger
Trump Mocks France for World War Losses
Donald Trump knows the true meaning of sacrifice
CNN sues President Trump and top White House aides for barring Jim Acosta
CNN sues White House to regain access for reporter Jim Acosta
CNN Files Suit Against The Trump Administration
CNN Sues Trump Administration To Restore Jim Acosta's Press Credentials
Midterms: Late results reveal Democrats 'blue wave' as party secures best election performance since 1974
Andrew Gillum Shreds Donald Trump With Just 3 Little Words
Days after visit, Trump blasts France's Macron as relations sour
Zinke '100 percent confident' he'll be cleared in probes


How to Raise Gutsy Girls-- teaching this to Gabo too!

Act as if what you do makes a difference.. it does. - William James

Iceland urges customers to make its banned Christmas TV ad go viral
In lands where “Christian civilisation” emerged, faith still shapes identity
The Sneaky Way Clothing Brands Hooked Men on Stretch Jeans
In 'Solo,' Chef Anita Lo Celebrates The Art Of Cooking For One
There's No Copyrighting Taste, Rules EU Court In Dutch Cheese Case
The world has become obsessed with finding ways to make babies entertained, settle themselves, sleep longer, and sleep alone. Nothing an truly replace the connection and affection of a human being. - Kirsty Lee
2 Electric Utilities Reported Problems Minutes Before Deadly Wildfires Began
Trump’s Misleading Claims About California’s Fire ‘Mismanagement’
In stunning loss, 83% of Santa Monica Mountains federal parkland burned in Woolsey fire
The Terrifying Science Behind California’s Massive Camp Fire
PG&E Could Be to Blame For Sparking Camp Fire In Butte County
Firefighters Group Condemns Donald Trump’s Victim Shaming
As California Burns, Trump and Zinke Use Catastrophe to Benefit Industry
Trump again threatens to take away federal funding for California wildfires over ‘gross mismanagement’
State Senator Looking at Breaking Up Utilities Following Potential Ties to Deadly Fires
I owe myself the biggest apology for putting up with what I didn't deserve. - unknown

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

'We're Bringing Education Back': Takeaways From The Election
Facing Defeat, Maine Republican Sues To Block State's Ranked-Choice Voting Law
How Schools Can Reduce Sexual Violence
A Third Rail No More: Incoming House Democrats Embrace Gun Control
Maryland Says Matthew Whitaker Appointment As Acting Attorney General Is Unlawful
City's "Spirit of Portland" Recipient Declines Award Over Mayor's Protest Ordinance
An 18-Year-Old Said She Was Raped While In Police Custody. The Officers Say She Consented. This was sick, the cost were the alleged rapists.. how sad and unjust to the victim.
Did Trump Bother to Vet Whitaker At All?
The rules are clear: Whitaker can’t supervise Mueller’s investigation
Smoke plume from California fires reaches Massachusetts
California's Camp Fire Becomes The Deadliest Wildfire In State History
Sourdough hands: how bakers and bread are a microbial match
Counting The Bugs And Bacteria, You're 'Never Home Alone' (And That's OK)
Megafires More Frequent Because Of Climate Change And Forest Management
Scientists: Wind, drought worsen fires, not bad management
New Physical Activity Guidelines Urge Americans: Move More, Sit Less
Retailers Plan To Clear Deadly Paint Removers From Shelves, As EPA Delays Ban
Stay Inside, Californians: Wildfire Smoke Is No Joke
Vitamin D And Fish Oil Supplements Mostly Disappoint In Long-Awaited Research
Tilapia has a terrible reputation. Does it deserve it?


The Sex Drought
Why Are Young People Having So Little Sex?
I looked for a state that’s taking gun violence seriously. I found Massachusetts.
Race of mass shooters influences how the media cover their crimes, new study shows
Mass shooting at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California
Trump on pace to surpass 8 years of Obama's travel spending in 1 year
Facebook Blocks More Than 100 Accounts, Citing Possible Foreign Influence
Gab Server Subpoenaed By Pennsylvania Attorney General
Scorecard: Trump Declares 'Great Victory,' But 34 Of His Candidates Lost
In Georgia, Kemp Claims Victory, But Won't Oversee Potential Recount
Federal Appeals Court Deals Trump Another Setback On DACA
The Bluest State? More Like The Most Practical
Who behaves like Trump? Deviants. And delinquents.
Appeals court says Trump administration can't end DACA
It’s the guns. The guns are the problem.. America’s easy access to guns is enabling all these mass shootings
Photo of More Than 60 Students Giving Apparent Nazi Salute Is Being Investigated
Wisconsin High Schools Students Pose Doing Nazi Salute In Prom Photo
Republicans Must Choose Between Trump and the Rule of Law "They will have to choose between angering the president and his populist backers and becoming complicit in whatever Trump is hiding, knowing that the president seldom stays loyal to anyone for very long, and that if and when the truth comes out, the public will rightfully hold them accountable if they helped conceal illegal or flagrantly immoral behavior." - Conor Friedersdorf
Photo Of Students Giving Nazi Salute Being Investigated By Wis. School District, sickening, racists parents and their kids
Rep. Steve King Denied Comparing Immigrants To 'Dirt' — Audio Says OtherwiseTs
GOP Senator's 'Public Hanging' Comment Roils Mississippi Runoff Election
There's Something Going on in This Country, and It Ain't Good
Ousted Minnesota Republican faults McCain for losing House
Rep. Jason Lewis blames House GOP defeat on John McCain
Veterans haven't received GI Bill benefits for months due to ongoing IT issues at VA
Democrat Kyrsten Sinema Wins Arizona Senate Race, Flipping Second GOP Seat
Enough is enough. It’s time to boycott White House press briefings
Free speech at American universities is under threat
Now I Know Why They Said I Lied
Kindness matters. Today, yesterday, tomorrow.

Understanding that we all want happiness and don’t want suffering is the basis for love, compassion, kindness. - Elysse L.
CHART: Election Recounts Are Rare, Reversals Almost Unheard Of
Conspiracy Theories About Voter Fraud Pose a Test For the Media
For Democrats — and America — a Sigh of Relief
One state fixed its gerrymandered districts, the other didn’t. Here’s how the election played out in both.
Why Every Vote Matters — The Elections Decided By A Single Vote (Or A Little More)
How gerrymandering kept Democrats from winning even more seats Tuesday
America Needs a Bigger House
Mass Shootings Are Not A Symptom Of Mental Illness
Why Democrats should make Stacey Abrams speaker of the House
Opponents of gun reforms say nothing can be done. Science says they’re wrong.
Florida Elections For Governor And U.S. Senate Heading For Recount
Another Mass Shooting? 'Compassion Fatigue' Is A Natural Reaction
Deaths From Gun Violence: How The U.S. Compares With The Rest Of The World
Reporting On Mass Shootings: A Familiar Heartbreaking Script
Rick Scott's campaign announces three more election lawsuits
After NRA Mocks Doctors, Physicians Reply: 'This Is Our Lane'
Trump Is Threatening To Take Press Credentials Away From Other Reporters
Acosta should sue the president, and Americans should shun Sanders. Enough is enough. How do this woman sleep at night?
Opinion | Matthew Whitaker is a crackpot
The New Attorney General Promoted Hot Tubs for a Scam Company That Got Shut Down by the FTC
Sarah Sanders Accused Of Sharing Doctored Infowars Video To Justify Acosta Ban