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When It Came To Food, Neanderthals Weren't Exactly Picky Eaters
The Science of Stress and How Our Emotions Affect Our Susceptibility to Burnout and Disease
The Art Of MacGyvering For Sleep-Deprived Moms And Dads
Little Scientists: Babies Have Scientific Minds
11 Parents You’ll Meet In Competitive Youth Soccer..haha.. be ready!
The Brain Science That Changes Parenting
Teaching kids the power of the piggy bank
11 Brutally Honest Reasons Why Millennials Don't Want Kids
How Trees Calm Us Down
Trump: The American Fascist
George Takei scolds Bernie supporters who would rather "bust" than vot for Hillary
As Portland's Homeless Problem Spreads, Shelters Moving Outside Downtown
9 Things That Make Good Employees Quit
7 Habits of Leaders Who Know How to Motivate Millennials
Top 6 Wines That Pair Best With Your Child’s Crappy Behavior. Epic News for Parents.
Andy Ricker Blames Ethnic-Food Prejudice for Closing of His Sen Yai Noodle House

When Kids are Bullied, What Can Parents Do?
21 Rookie mistakes every mom had made
How Much of a Hot Mess Is Your Minivan? No mini van for me.. lol
How to Turn Your School Into a Maker Haven
10 Reasons I Quit Competitive Parenting "chuckle"
What Are Microaggressions? Let Clackamas High Students Show You
Yet Another Reason Why Parents Should Put Phones Away Around Kids
20 Things That Keep Moms Sane(ish) #4, #10, #16.. pretty good ;)
The Message Behind “Be Good” and What to Say Instead
Feeling Like The World’s Worst Mother "Parenting is a learning process, and like any other aspect of life, it has both good and bad days. As much as we’d like to, we cannot protect our little ones from everything. Even our best attempts will always eventually come up short."
Trust Your Baby And Ditch The Diapers
Weasel Apparently Shuts Down World's Most Powerful Particle Collider, RIP weasel.. this happened at where I worked several times in the past.. IT was electrifying to the rodents!
Hey New Mama, Do Me A Favor, I remind myself daily of how tiny Gabe once was and so much progress and growth had he experience... everyday is an achievement for the both of us.
This Princeton professor's list of his failures is the most reassuring thing you'll read today
3 Dangerous Myths about Innovators and Creators
Mom Encourages Other Women To Make Peace With Their Post-Baby Bodies
These tweets from Ryan Reynolds on Parenting will make you want him as your dad
Donald Trump And The Fluidity Of Racism
Sleep Regression: It’s Not Just For Babies
How Massachusetts Became The Best State In Education
'The grim truth behind the Scandinavian miracle' – the nations respond
Life in the Robot Age: When We’re All Unemployed

2016 WH correspondents dinner... it will be awesome. Check it out, Obama aged so much in these 8 years.

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Watch George Takei explain why the stakes for the nation are too high to stay home this November: #votebluenomatterwho

George Takei scolds Bernie supporters who would rather “bust” than vote for Hillary

Yeah.. tear jerker indeed...

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10 Tidy Habits That Will Change Your Life, I got this!
The 10 most important life lessons to master in your 30s
Sending Mixed Message: Do Parents Value Kids’ Achievement Over Empathy?
How the Dream of Retirement Is Becoming a Nightmare
A guide to proper allowance etiquette, it will be soon enough.. nah.. maybe a while. I will pay him with hugs and kisses for now :)
Column: Why click-bait will be the death of journalism
The Battle over Pain in the Brain
'Unbroken Brain' Offers New Insights On Addiction
Why you shouldn't exercise to lose weight, explained with 60+ studies
Does Oregon have the nation's best drive-in movie theater?
The 25 most popular bands from Oregon
By 2050, India’s working-age population will cross one billion. But where are the jobs?
The One Best Way to Remember Anything
How to Pinch Pennies in the Right Places
Gannett Ready To Pay $815 Million For Tribune Publishing
The Moment When An Israeli Soldier Saw Himself Through A Palestinian Child's Eyes
Can Israelis And Palestinians Change Their Minds?
How Can Tourism Promote Peace In The Middle East?
How To Not Run Out Of Money In Retirement

Vice President Dick Cheney: Wrong Then, Wrong Now

Loving it!

活著,總有你看不慣的人, 也有看不慣你的人。- Sean Lau 劉青雲
100 Oregon companies to be inspected for heavy metal emissions
Portland's best Mexican Food
Who should 'run water' before drinking in Seattle, and other lead questions
Mitsubishi has been cheating on fuel economy tests for 25 years
Most High School Seniors Aren't College Or Career Ready, Says 'Nation's Report Card'
Beneath An Ugly Outside, Marred Fruit May Pack More Nutrition
Plateau But No Decline: Child Obesity Rates Hold Steady
Many Grouchy, Error-Prone Workers Just Need More Sleep
The end is nigh for Louis Vuitton fried chicken
Ford bought a Tesla just to see how it works
Nike creates fake bargains at outlet stores: lawsuit
The OREGON bucket list
The world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant is coming to New York
Why Sleep Is The Best Thing You Can Do On Vacation
10 Incredible Waterfront Restaurants Everyone In Oregon Must Visit
Homelessness: Portland's Great Depression Hoovervilles vs. 'Hales-villes' (photos)
How Sleep Deprivation Decays the Mind and Body
10 places to drink German beer in Portland
Oregonians would pay Washington sales tax under "democracy credit" initiative
Withholding recess is banned in 10 states. But it's common in Seattle
Volkswagen’s next step in resolving the emissions scandal

Motherhood = a love like nothing I have ever felt before.

Motherhood Is The Loneliest Thing Ever
"I need people who build me up so that I can turn around and build my family up. I need people who will invest in me so that I have something to give."
Scientists Have Just Worked Out How to Find the Best Eggs for In Vitro Yeah baby!
10 Commandments of Toddlers EPIC!
Watson, Jeopardy and me, the obsolete know-it-all "Everyday, we should be striving to learn something new. We should have an unquenchable curiosity for the world around us."
How the chance of breaking up changes the longer your relationship lasts
WATCH: How We Speak Reveals What We Think, with Steven Pinker
How to Heal From Trauma
Confessions Of A Messy Mom, there must be a balance, weekend without Gabe is a chance for me to catch up, folding clean clothes, pick up the toys, clean bedding etc. I don't want the kid to learn messy, because his mama is one, but I don't need him to be a OCD clean freak either, because his grandma is one. I am juggling with a balance, parenting, working and cleaning. Yeah those are the orders.
How to Raise a Leader
10 Miracle Phrases to Help You Reconnect With Your Child {Printable}
Setting boundaries with toddlers using empathy and positive guidance, Gabe will make mistakes along with his curiosity mind, I need to be kind, always, even if he flips his plate of food or cut my hair.. lol... I need to stay connect and talk... and he will experiment lots.. I will need patience.. :)
Mom Says What Every Parent Of A ‘Difficult’ Child Needs To HearNo worry, Gabe, even if you are a strong-will kiddo. I can see the intelligence, the passionate moments. You may not give in, I will embrace the gift.
When Should Kids Start Learning About Sex and Consent?
Becoming Light Reflectors
How Not to Let a Known, Psychological Phenomenon Keep You From Becoming a Scream-Free Parent
Column: 12 alternatives to timeouts when kids are at their worst
Why you should never use timeouts on your kids
The Most Important Things We Can Teach Our Kids, Gabe, your dad and you were the center of my universe, now it is just you. :)
The Emotional Sticker Shock Of Parenting
This is why all American mothers are crazy
Marriage After Baby – It’s Not What You’d Expect,.. lol.. it was over with the most unexpected reason.. a woman got into my relationship in June 2014... yup our courtship was passionate and full of haze of infatuation...then... GKP reminded me I am no match to her.
April Showers Bring Action, Not Fear, with Autism Awareness
Why Daydreaming is Critical to Effective Learning
Positive Parenting: Accept Feelings, Limit Actions
What causes chest pain when feelings are hurt?
10 Moms Every Mom Should Have On Speed Dial
An Apology To My Firstborn Child
The Other Kind Of Motherless Mother
Contortionist mom brings new meaning to work/life balance
Kindergarten Redshirting: How Kids Feel About it Later in Life
‘Redshirting’ Kindergarten-Age Kids Can Lead to Regrets
Why the hell people have kids?
Spanking Children Affects Their Behavior as Adults, Says New Study
Risks of harm from spanking confirmed by analysis of 5 decades of research
It Takes Effort to be Selfish
29 Honest Mother’s Day Cards For Your Baby Mama
Scans Show 'Brain Dictionary' Groups Words By Meaning
7 things I am weird about since having kids, haha, the author is a bit extreme in a good and humorous way.. No judging... I am sure I am going thru those as well.
Finally, Some Good News for Moms Who Wait to Have Kids After 35
Why Connection is the Parenting Key
25 Ways to Bond with Your Newborn, Gabe you are not a new born anyway, but we still do all of these, Mama loves you to the moon and back.. I am so grateful that we are together.
It’s time to stop putting kids in separate gifted education programs
No Fooling: Children Need Unbounded Outdoor Play
Power Down and Tune In to Solitude
All it takes is 10 mindful minutes
Homework Battles: When Parent Help Negatively Affects Students
Home is a song I've always remembered
Why are so many smart people such idiots about philosophy?
What Nobody Tells You About the First 3 Months of Motherhood
While I lay beside my sleeping baby, I enjoy our sweet moment together while you were sleeping. :)
Listening To Music May Sharpen Your Baby's Language Skills
Why the American Academy of Pediatrics opposes North Carolina’s transgender “bathroom law”
Babies Who Eat Rice Cereal Have Higher Arsenic Levels, Study Finds, Gabe is the 20% that did not expose to arsenic-rice cereal (I WILL keep on doing what is right for my GABE. Thank you for leaving me alone. "chuck"). Guess what MVP & GKP & Titza S. CLAN STYLE are the best, they should eat all the rice cereal as they can fit in their gigantic heads
Hey! What Are You Laughing At?
9 Signs Your Marriage Is Worth Saving, According To Experts, it wasn't meant to be
Where's the magic in family dinner?
Steps for Cultivating a Love of Reading in Young Children
How to Create a Family Mission Statement
To The Woman Who Takes Care Of My Child While I Work, I am grateful to have wonderful teachers at the daycare, they are my village and they did not put me down.
Why We Should Stop Going Over The Top For Our Kids
Use Behavioral Economics to Trick Yourself into Breaking Bad Habits
一秒惹怒旅行者 這句話最討厭
What They Meant When They Told Me Life Will Never Be the Same, heart warming!
10 things that you didn't know about orgasm
Chrissy Teigen Just Spoke Out About Having to Wear Diapers After Giving Birth
Why We Prefer 'Okay' Mates to Our Idea of a 'Perfect' One
Please Tell Me You’ve Been That Mom
My Spouse Is Not My Best Friend
Children should learn mainly through play until age of eight, says Lego
How successful people work less—and get more done
Beyond Tolerance
50 Easy Steps For Scheduling A Date Night, another marriage maint ppl should do
How Going Out With An Older Man Changed My Perspective On Dating
Why I Worry About Passing Depression On To My Children
This Is the Real 'War on Marriage'
Against Empathy
How to Get Kids to Play Music, According to Yo-Yo Ma
7 Ways You Can Become a More Loving Partner
All Moms Are Working Moms
Stop leting your kids that treat you liked crap
You played outside unsupervised until dark. Why can't you let your kids?
“Tricky People” Are the New Strangers
When Sex Isn’t Enough: What Women Want
How to Love: Legendary Zen Buddhist Teacher Thich Nhat Hanh on Mastering the Art of “Interbeing”, maybe this was what happened to us.
13 Totally Legit Excuses for Not Having Sex Once You Have Kids
5 Things My Single Mom Taught Me About Raising Kids
Why We Fall in Love: The Paradoxical Psychology of Romance and Why Frustration Is Necessary for Satisfaction
Stendhal on the Seven Stages of Romance and Why We Fall Out of Love: Timeless Wisdom from 1822
The Greatest Definition of Love
9 Things to Do When Someone Hurts You
Set Limits With Toxic People
13 Things to Teach Your Son Before 13
When Taking Multiple Husbands Makes Sense
As more Latino kids speak only English, parents worry about chatting with grandma
How to identify any language at a glance
5 Healthy Steps To Help You Move On From An Abusive Relationship
Three Things You Didn’t Know about Your Child’s Brain
What Happens to a Woman's Brain When She Becomes a Mother AMEN! It is so nice to know the changes that happen to our brains, but then you can called CRAZY..
The Quiet Joy Of Unimportance
How Music Education Can Lighten Kids’ Lives And Improve Learning Outcomes
How to learn a new language: 7 secrets from TED Translators
‘Not a Math Person’: How to Remove Obstacles to Learning Math

Go Blazers! You got this!

How do you know whom to trust? - Ram Neta

Yup C-word.... classy!

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Want to change your life, make this one choice! The power of responsibility! YOU are living the life that you chose. Own it. Don't blame others. You made your choices. AMEN!
10 Ways to Salvage a Bad Morning Before Parting Ways
A Map of China, By Stereotype
How to make a great impression: 11 things sincerely polite people never do
What women can do to keep their brains strong through old age
10 unexpected things that will radically improve your life
Why So Many Smart People Aren’t Happy
Department stores should go ahead and shut down hundreds of locations, report says
Is H&M misleading customers with all its talk of sustainability?
Harvard Has a New Center for Happiness
Want to Be Happier? Ask Yourself This Question Every Morning
Neuroscience discovers 5 things that will make you happy
Knitted Men's Underwear Brings A Whole New Meaning To 'Sexy'
The career advice no one tells you
Israel's Health Minister To McDonald's: 'Not In Our Country'
A warning for parched China: a city runs out of water
Long Live The Nanny State! (Without It, You Might Be Eating Horse Meat Right Now)
Why You Probably Shouldn't Say 'Eskimo'
Bad housing laws have turned San Francisco's tech boom into a crisis for Oakland
The Disintegration of the World

Heads Together

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The End of Empathy
"Regardless, it’s time to resurrect the Golden Rule. Let’s all take a breath, shake it off, and declare a do-over. Let’s start listening to each other, especially when we disagree. Let’s value our differences instead of vilifying each other for them. Let’s be inclusive and kind. Let’s be compassionate and empathetic to the plights of others. Let’s be human beings. Because we’re never going to get anywhere if we continue to treat each other like garbage. A wise man who I loved very much once said: “Let’s stop finding a new witch of the week and burning them at the stake. We are all horrible and wonderful and figuring it out.”
4 Men with 4 Very Different Incomes Open Up About the Lives They Can Afford
找到妻子兼主管的幸福平衡點- 【一段「懂得感恩」的關係,不需完美也能長久】
An Open Apology To My Kids On The Subject Of My Divorce
Why a Good Divorce Is Better Than a Bad Marriage for Kids
How I Manage to Love an Ex-Husband Who Hates Me
PDA Between Parents Is Actually Good for Your Kids' Health
We're Having a Baby!? How To Feel The Joy, Without The Financial FearsInvestment, necessity, consuming! Great learnings!
A U.S. City is Practically Begging to Accept More Refugees
7 Signs Your Significant Other Is Entirely Wrong For You, 4 out of 6, wow... this hit home.
The Two Counterintuitive Personality Traits That Make the World’s Best Leaders
A vote for Trump is a vote for China
‘Shark Tank’ suffers from the same problem as the rest of the startup world
Chinese companies love acquiring American brands
Japan's population is plunging, so where are the babies?
For families, even a small amount in savings goes a long way
The economics of wasting food

Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy #earthday!

Why Firstborns and Only Children are Perfectionists
These are the three most effective ways to chop your carbon footprint
What do women do when no one is watching? These images sum it up nicely.
Biz503: Women In STEM Careers
How to Raise Environmentally Responsible Kids
9 Out Of 10 Parents Think Their Kids Are On Grade Level. They're Probably Wrong
Apple’s iBooks and iTunes movie stores have been shut down in China
Why you should never give up on love
How Oregon became a center for Israeli babies born to surrogate moms
The 10 Most Deadly Phrases In A Relationship, so hard to forget.. because you, MVP and GKP 2 are so deadly toxic.. and you 2 are so harmful to us..
The Arctic Suicides: It's Not The Dark That Kills You
Oregon's top 20 high schools, according to U.S. News' 2016 rankings
Difficult Women

I love you , Gabe, see you soon.

5 Ways Your Worst Experiences Can Bring Out the Best in You, definitely, mistakes learned... experience gained.. moving on.. be a wiser people, live life.
Motherhood Is Teaching Me to Live in the Moment
Stop Fleeing Loneliness, I will prevail.
Buying organic veggies at the supermarket is a waste of money
Modern Life Is Harming Your Brain
It’s Hard for Them, Too
Infographic: The Key to a Healthy Brain Is a Healthy Digestive System
Working Moms Breastfeed In Uniform In Stunning Photos
How Americans pretend to love ‘ethnic food’
It's Not Your Thyroid: Surprising Reasons You Might Be Gaining Weight
Chrissy Teigen Just Spoke Out About Having to Wear Diapers After Giving Birth
3-Year-Olds Are Kinda the Worst and Here's Why
The Funniest Parents On Twitter Talk The ‘Joys’ Of Kids’ Birthdays
101 Things I Say Every Day With 4 Kids Under 7
The best way to put babies to sleep
Do You Want to Fight Bullying? Focus on Kindness
Swingin' Albina: An Oral History Of Portland’s Once Great Jazz Neighborhood
A Viral Facebook Post Has Some Calling Her 'The Meanest Mom Ever,' But She's Just Trying To Raise Her Kids Right
Food Addiction Is Real and Has ZERO to Do with Willpower
Half Your Brain Stands Guard When Sleeping In A New Place
One Good Parent Is Not Enough to Undo Harm Done by the Other
No Spanking, No Time-Out, No Problems
I’m A Control Freak About My Kids’ Sleep
10 ways parenting has changed in 10 years
Why We Don’t Let Our Children Do Sleepovers
Five Things NOT to Do to Babies
How Place Makes Pizza
7 Times When You Should Definitely Listen To Your Toddler Saying "No", very very personal!
What is consciousness?
Go away, Mama!
Don’t Tell Me I’m Not a “Real” Single Mom
Real Talk: What I’ve Learned About Race and Motherhood From Having a Son Who Can ‘Pass’ as White
9 Unique Things About Having A Kid Who Looks Nothing Like You
Am I Supposed to Be My Child's Playmate?
Late sleepers are tired of being discriminated against. And science has their back.
Five Hikes for the Whole Family
Portland's best 10 brunches.. wow, i am really out of touch.. don't know most of these.. lol
Mom’s Post About The ‘Absolute Worst Parts Of Motherhood’ Goes Viral
24 Tweets That Will Make You Laugh In The Face Of Stress


What really happens to the plastic you throw away - Emma Bryce
Seattle weighs costs, benefits of recycling bins in city parks
Is Recycling Worth the Trouble, Cost?
For Earth Day, Report Has News To Ease A Meat-Lover's Conscience

Why do we argue?

NW Pet fair

RIP, Prince